On the future of human-centered robotics

Science and technology are essential tools for innovation, and to reap their full potential, we also need to articulate and solve the many aspects of today’s global issues that are rooted in the pol...
16 May 2017, by

Robots may save the global economy

A recent article in The Washington Post by Morgan Stanley strategist and author of "The Rise and Fall of Nations" Ruchir Sharma, provides a nuanced overview of the issues of jobs, robots, productivi...
13 December 2016, by

US auto industry installed 135,000 robots and added 230,000 jobs

In the last six years, (2010–2015), according to the IFR (International Federation of Robotics), US industry has installed around 135,000 new industrial robots. The principal driver is automation ...
24 November 2016, by

The Robot Economy: Interview with MEP Mady Delvaux

In our final interview in The Robot Economy series, we speak with Mady Delvaux, Member of the European Parliament (MEP) and Chair of the Working Group on robotics. Mady has written an extensive draft ...
08 October 2016, by

The Robot Economy: Interview with Alan Manning

In today’s interview, we sat down with Alan Manning, Professor of Labour Economics at the London School of Economics. He is a leading author in his field, particularly in understanding the imperfect...
27 September 2016, by

Stop talking about bringing jobs back from China

Ben Casselman, writing on the website FiveThirtyEight, says that manufacturing jobs are never coming back. He warns candidates to not inflame voters with empty promises and provides facts to prov...
27 March 2016, by

White House economic report looks to robotics for the future

For the first time, robotics was featured in the annual Economic Report of the President. The hefty 435 page report from the President and the Council of Economic Advisors was released to Congress on ...
23 February 2016, by and



Automation and Employment, with Michael Osborne

In this episode Andrew Vaziri speaks with Mike Osborne, Associate Professor in Machine Learning at the University of Oxford. They discuss how advancements in artificial intelligence may change the w...
20 February 2016, by

Welcome, Robot Overlords. Please don’t fire us? | Mother Jones

Smart machines probably won't kill us all—but they'll definitely take our jobs, and sooner than you think. Read more: Mother Jones...
13 May 2013, by

Robohub focus: Dealing with the ‘jobs’ question

For the next week, Robohub will host a special focus on robots and jobs, featuring original articles from leading experts in the fields of robotics and automation. The goal of the series is to explore...
15 April 2013, by

Effect of robots on jobs? Only time — and management teams — will tell

Although there is a surge in early stage personal and service robotics activity right now, it will take time to find out which technologies and companies will be the real winners, and only then will w...
15 April 2013, by

Do robots kill jobs?

To coincide with Robohub's Jobs Focus, we asked our panelists to weigh in on the role that robots play in the wider economy, and whether this is a good thing or a bad thing for employment numbers. Her...
15 April 2013, by

Raffaello D’Andrea on “Do robots kill jobs?”

There is no doubt that robots, and automation in general, replace humans in the work-force: all productivity-enhancing tools, by definition, result in a decrease in the number of man-hours required to...
14 April 2013, by

Mark Tilden on “Do robots kill jobs?”

Robots do kill jobs but they're crappy jobs, so good riddance.  If you've ever had a job you were desperate for the money, but immediately regretted after you got it, then you know what I mean. ...
14 April 2013, by

Ability to do creative, non-routine work will be a must in the coming automation era. Is this realistic for most workers?

There can be no doubt that technological progress has resulted in a far more prosperous society. Technology has often disrupted entire industries and, in some cases — as with the mechanization of ag...
13 April 2013, by

There is no war other than the one we are fighting with ourselves

Just five years ago, anybody who spoke of technological unemployment was labeled a luddite, a techno-utopian, or just simply someone who doesn’t understand economics. Today things are very different...
13 April 2013, by

Henrik Christensen interview: Robots are not killing jobs | IEEE Spectrum

IEEE Spectrum's Steven Cherry interviews Henrik Christensen, KUKA Chair of Robotics at Georgia Tech's College of Computing and Director of the Center for Robotics and Intelligent Machines. Says Christ...
10 April 2013, by

New report shows that robots CREATE jobs

... At an International Federation of Robotics (IFR) CEO Round Table held at Automate 2013, in Chicago, IFR executives presented a recap of a new research report on the positive impact of industrial r...
23 January 2013, by

Join the wild ride

… Job Opening at ReThink Robotics “for a developer relations engineer—a person to lead development of a ROS-based SDK for a new low cost manipulator that will be readily available for re...
13 July 2012, by

6,000 job ads for robotics in May

... During May 2012, 6,000 job ads for robotics were posted - a 29% year-over-year growth and twice the volume of similar ads in May 2010, reported Wanted Analytics, a Canadian research firm providing...
27 June 2012, by

Hiring demand for robotics jobs grows 44% and robot sales jumped 30%

... According to WANTED Analytics, a real-time talent analytics site, there were over 2,100 U.S. job ads for robotics skills in January, 2012, a 44% year-over-year growth rate from 2011. The majority ...
14 February 2012, by

Job creation with robotics

... Tom Atwood, Editor-in-Chief of Robot Magazine said, “There is much discussion of job creation and producing the next generation of American innovators. India, Korea and China are producing f...
27 March 2011, by

Do robots take away jobs or just change the mix of workers?

... Interesting article and comments on subject.  Join the conversation....
29 October 2010, by

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