Walkbot – exoskeleton rehab therapy

A Korean exoskeleton robot designed specifically for gait training rehabilitation. See on Gizmag has the story....
04 January 2013, by

A robot ankle for amputees

"Until recently, an artificial leg was an inert object—a clunky piece of wood or plastic that supported a user, but didn't help much beyond that. But these days artificial limbs can contain advanced...
01 September 2012, by

Robotic surgeries on the rise

(Times of India) "In the last few years, it has emerged as the safest and almost painless method for surgery and doctors are now using robots for gynae procedures, bypass surgery, cancer treatment and...
19 August 2012, by

InTouch Health & iRobot announce RP-VITA In a joint press release, US companies InTouch Health and iRobot have announced a new telepresence robot for hospitals. The robot called "RP-VITA" builds on iRobot's AVA p...
27 July 2012, by

Mahoro performs dangerous lab work A two-armed robot, called Mahoro, jointly developed by Japan's National Institute of Advanced Science and Technology (AIST) and Yaskawa Electric Corporation, and marketed ...
08 July 2012, by



The Mind Machine Project, with Newton Howard

Link to audio file (41:58)In this episode we speak with Newton Howard, director of the Mind Machine Project and research scientist at MIT....
01 July 2011, by




Nanosystems, with Ari Requicha and Grégory Mermoud

Link to audio file (32:50)In today’s episode we’ll be looking at nanorobotics from the hardware side to the control. In particular, we’ll be talking to one of the most renowned world...
16 July 2010, by



Weight-loss coach, with Cory Kidd

Link to audio file (31:57)Take the 5-minute survey to help us improve ROBOTS! With the holiday season ahead of us and Christmas dinners already started, many of us are starting to feel the pinch at ...
18 December 2009, by



Stroke rehabilitation, with Ludovic Dovat and David Brown

Link to audio file (34:15)In today’s show we’ll be looking at robots used for the rehabilitation of stroke patients. Our first guest, Ludovic Dovat for the National University of Singapore...
06 November 2009, by



Robot-assisted surgery, with Rainer Konietschke and Woong Youn Chung

Link to audio file (26:17)In this episode, we look at robots in the medical field, in particular those used in teleoperated surgery. We first speak with Rainer Konietschke from the German Aerospace Ce...
28 August 2009, by



Robots Podcast: Smart homes, with Roger Orpwood and Andrew Sixsmith

Link to audio file (42:48)In today’s episode we look at how technology can improve the quality of life of people with dementia. Our first guest, Roger Orpwood, is the director of the Bath Instit...
31 July 2009, by



Bacteria-propelled microrobots, with Metin Sitti and Mark Schattner

Link to audio file (25:19)In this episode we look at bacteria-propelled microrobots which, in the future, could be used for sensing or drug delivery inside the liquid environments of the human body, s...
29 August 2008, by

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