IASP 2016: Skolkovo, Waterproof Drones, and Underwater Vehicles, with Albert Efimov, Anastasia Uryasheva and Borris Rozman

In this episode, Audrow Nash and Christina Brester conduct interviews at the 2016 International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation conference in Moscow, Russia. They speak with Alber...
05 March 2017, by and



ExoAtlet: Exoskeleton for Rehabilitation, with Ekaterina Bereziy

In this episode, Audrow Nash interviews Ekaterina Bereziy, Founder and CEO of ExoAtlet, about exoskeletons for the disabled and for rehabilitation. Transcript below....
02 September 2016, by

Alan Turing robot makes its debut at Startup Village 2015

Tho startups from the robotics cluster at Skolkovo — Nanosemantics and Lexy — teamed up with the Russian Neurobotics, to recreate a robotic version of the British computer science pioneer A...
10 July 2015, by

Sino-Russian robotics boosted as Skolkovo signs $200M deal with Chinese investment fund

Russia's Skolkovo Foundation and the Chinese Cybernaut Investment Group signed an agreement yesterday in Beijing to create a joint Russian-Chinese business incubator, a robotics accelerator program, ...
22 April 2015, by

Skolkovo conference seeks to jumpstart new areas of expertise for Russian robotics

Part startup/investor mixer, part public showcase, part industry/academic workshop, part hackathon, the Skolkovo International Robotics Conference has its sights on becoming the largest robotics gathe...
27 March 2015, by

Skolkovo International Robotics Conference: ‘A wheel of opportunity’

By David Nowak. On March 20-22, the Hypercube will host Russia’s biggest robotics event, the Skolkovo International Robotics Conference....
13 March 2015, by

Kalashnikov to produce drones | Russia & India Report

With the UAV market one of the biggest expanding markets in the defence industry, the Kalashnikov Concern believes it is time to enter production. The Russian weapons manufacturer has decided to ...
02 March 2015, by

Video: Robotics at Skolkovo

See an overview of projects from the Skolkovo robotics cluster....
31 October 2014, by



Russian robotics, with Roman Luchin and Andrew Gryaznov

In this episode, Sabine speaks with Andrew Gryaznov, co-founder of Cubic Robotics and Roman Luchin, CEO of CyberTech Labs, about robotics in Russia. They provide us with an inside view on robotics edu...
30 May 2014, by

Livestream: BAL ROBOTOV Roboforum

Watch the live stream from the first annual BAL ROBOTOV Roboforum in Moscow, running May 15-18. Speakers include creator of Hubo, Jun-Ho Oh, iCub's Giorgio Metta, creator of the Blind Robot Louis-Phi...
15 May 2014, by

Proletarian robots getting cheaper to exploit

After laughing uncomfortably at the headline from The Moscow Times reporting about the recent Skolkovo Robotics Conference, I parsed through the wording and found the intended meaning. But that proces...
06 March 2014, by

Russia looks inward and outward at Moscow’s 2013 Open Innovations Forum

I was invited last month to moderate a panel discussion on the “Robotics Renaissance” at the 2013 Open Innovations Forum in Moscow. The brainchild of Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, the Fo...
17 December 2013, by

Robotics Expo 2013, Moscow

The bleak autumn Moscow day didn’t seem to have dampened the enthusiasm of the crowds of people making the journey to the 2013 Moscow Robotics (and advanced technologies) Expo
02 November 2013, by

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