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Why watching Westworld’s robots should make us question ourselves

For a sci-fi fan like me, fascinated by the nature of human intelligence and the possibility of building life-like robots, it’s always interesting to find a new angle on these questions. As a re-ima...
21 October 2016, by

The new Westworld: Humanizing the un-human, or dehumanizing humankind?

HBO’s latest offering (on SkyAtlantic here in the UK) is an update of Michael Crichton‘s 1973 film Westworld; this time brought to us as a ten-part television series by sci-fi re-booter extraordin...
18 October 2016, by

Mind of life: An excerpt from Daniel Wilson’s new sci-fi novel, Robogenesis

This excerpt is from my novel Robogenesis, in which humankind is trying to put together the pieces of a shattered civilization after a war between men and machines. In the aftermath of the robopocalyp...
29 July 2014, by

Mark Tilden on “What are the five must-read publications for budding roboticists?”

Aside from the conventional introductory texts on BEAM Robotics, control systems, electronics, and multi-axis mechanics, I always recommend books to inspire thoughts on robotic history, possibilities,...
15 December 2012, by

Robopocalypse, with Daniel Wilson

Link to audio file (26:18)In this episode we talk to New York Times best selling author Daniel Wilson about one of his latest books, Robopocalypse....
04 May 2012, by



Robots Podcast: Science fiction (Part 2), with Greg Bear

Link to audio file (42:37)In this episode we dive into the world of famous science fiction writer Greg Bear. Christine then takes us on an audio journey through one of his books, Mariposa. Finally don...
17 December 2010, by




Futurama, with David X. Cohen

Link to audio file (24:37)In today’s episode we speak with David X. Cohen, the head writer and executive producer of Futurama!...
08 October 2010, by



Science fiction (Part 1), with Patrick Gyger

Link to audio file (49:15)In today’s episode we’ll be diving into the world of Science Fiction with an interview of Patrick Gyger, director of one of the major Science Fiction Museums in t...
30 July 2010, by

The origin of cultibotics in science fiction

To be quite truthful, the dream of having robots take over the task of managing productive land isn't really mine in the sense of having originated it. To be sure I've contributed some detail, but ot...
26 August 2008, by

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