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Understanding social robotics

Pepper, Jibo and Milo make up the first generation of social robots, leading what promises to be a cohort with diverse capabilities and future applications. But what are social robots and what should...
24 January 2017, by

2016 will be a pivotal year for social robots

1,000 Pepper robots are selling each month from a big-dollar venture between SoftBank, Alibaba and Foxconn; Jibo just raised another $16 million as it prepares to deliver 7,500+ units in March and A...
14 December 2015, by

Designing Jibo’s automatic speech recognition, with Roberto Pieraccini

Finding the right approach to automatic speech recognition (ASR) has been a critical step in Jibo’s design: get it right and the experience will be great; get it wrong, and it could really take awa...
14 October 2015, by

Virtual assistants are the testbeds for tomorrow’s personal robots

Virtual assistants are setting the bar for the kind of user experience people will expect from the social robots of tomorrow....
22 September 2015, by

BUDDY goes into final hours of crowdfunding at +500% of goal; announces new US offices

BUDDY, the world's first affordable companion robot, has reached a crowdfunding milestone. With just hours to go on the BUDDY crowdfunding project on Indiegogo, backers have contributed over $501,63...
04 September 2015, by

Designing Jibo for developers

Through the Jibo SDK, developers have high-level access to Jibo’s audio processing, visual processing, persona and interaction, and movement capabilities. The SDK gives developers the tools to build...
06 August 2015, by

BUDDY opensource companion bot meets 100K crowdfunding goal in 1 day; now >200% funded

[tweetquote]BUDDY has something to smile about.[/tweetquote] The new open source companion robot by Blue Frog Robotics, launched an Indiegogo campaign on July 7th and sailed past its $100K crowdfu...
15 July 2015, by

Building the Jibo prototype: Interview with VP Engineering Andy Atkins

Our most recent video update comes from our VP of Engineering Andy Atkins. Take a sneak peak inside the minds of our engineers as they finish our newest Jibo P2s, to find out what kinds of challenges ...
08 July 2015, by

Natural language: The de-facto interface convention for social robotics

Social Robotics: The UX of Natural Language A very smart and snotty journalist told me that he had spoken with Aldebaran's Pepper system when he was in Boston. Much to his chagrin, the robot didn't ...
21 January 2015, by

Designing Jibo: Subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful

[tweetquote]What is a social robot supposed to look like?[/tweetquote] We have asked ourselves this question many times during the last year. HUGE design was fortunate enough to be partnered with th...
24 October 2014, by and

Jibo campaign ends, takes in almost $2.3M

This weekend we became the #1 Most Successful Technology Campaign on Indiegogo ever when we broke $2.2M! We are both elated and deeply grateful to all our supporters for helping JIBO set a new recor...
22 September 2014, by

Jibo raises $1M in first week of crowdfunding campaign

On July 15th, Jibo launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo with the goal of raising $100,000 towards developing their new social robot for the home. Less than one week later, Jibo surpassed the ...
23 July 2014, by

JIBO: A game changing social robot

JIBO, a 2013 Boston startup, launched an IndieGoGo campaign last week and is off to a rousing start, lots of favorable press, and, as of the time of this writing, has raised more than $700,000 over th...
20 July 2014, by

The second wave of social robots is here

Cynthia Breazeal’s Jibo launched today and coming on the heels of Pepper, Aldebaran and Softbank’s new social robot, and Jimmy from Intel. It seems like we’re seeing a second wave of social robo...
16 July 2014, by

Building Social Robots: The Journey of Pleo

Building a robot company is difficult, very difficult. It requires unwavering belief in yourself, in your idea, in your team and ultimately in your product. But it is also one of the most thrilling ex...
11 July 2014, by and

The next era of conversational technology

In 1922, the Elmwood Button Co. commercialized a toy that could respond to voice commands. The toy, called Radio Rex, was a dog made of celluloid that would leap out of its house when you called its n...
04 July 2014, by and

On Pepper, Aldebaran and emotional robotics: Interview with Bruno Maisonnier

Bruno Maisonnier at TedExConcorde. Photo credit: Rodrigo SEPÚLVEDA SCHULZ. Last week I dropped by Aldebaran’s studio to get a glimpse of Pepper in action, and was pretty excited about this robot. ...
24 June 2014, by

Why social robots will change your life

It is a fantastic time for technology. We live in a more connected world, and compared to even a few decades ago, we have vastly improved access to information and content, and have dramatically expan...
24 June 2014, by and

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