Robohub roundtable: Robotics and space exploration

Every few weeks, Robohub will post a roundtable chat and discuss an engaging topic relating to robotics. In this edition, we looked at how can robotics can be part of space exploration. Privatisation ...
11 May 2016, by

What’s new in robotics this week? SpaceX sending Dragon spacecraft to Mars as early as 2018

Musk for Mars; Mexican robotics revolution; Russia "battle bot"; MIT student's robot kitchen; Integrating automation; and more. Find out what's happening in our robotics universe this week....
29 April 2016, by and

SpaceX nails landing on drone ship

After several unsuccessful attempts, SpaceX finally made a perfect touchdown with its Falcon 9 rocket on the drone ship, aptly named: 'Of Course I Still Love You.'  A historic moment with the help...
11 April 2016, by

SpaceX delivers 11 satellites and successfully lands a first stage on land

UPDATE: SpaceX successfully completed both the primary mission of setting to orbit 11 ORBCOMM satellites and the secondary mission of landing the first stage of Falcon 9 rocket with pinpoint accuracy ...
21 December 2015, by

Robotics and AI prominent in MIT’s annual 35 Innovators Under 35

The MIT Technology Review’s annual list of 35 Innovators Under 35 aims to illustrate the most important emerging technologies of the moment. Released this August, the 2015 list features a number of...
02 September 2015, by

Despite hard landing, Falcon 9 recovery attempt bodes well for future of reusable spacecraft

Several hours ago, ISS astronauts opened the cargo bay of the Dragon spacecraft that was recently berthed to the space station. It was both the 7th successful Dragon mission and the 5th successful I...
14 January 2015, by

SpaceX unveils its next generation Dragon V2

Tonight at 7PM PT SpaceX will reveal Dragon V2 -their next generation spacecraft designed to carry astronauts to space. UPDATE: read our de-briefing of the presentation below...
29 May 2014, by

SpaceX Falcon 9 successfully completes 100m lateral maneuver before returning to launchpad

Yesterday SpaceX's Falcon 9 test rig (code name Grasshopper) successfully completed a 100m lateral maneuver, beginning at an altitude of 250m, before returning to the center of the pad from which it w...
14 August 2013, by

SpaceX awarded launch reservation contract with MDA Robotics for Canadian satellite program

The Falcon 9 rocket in the hangar at SpaceX's launch site at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. Photo credit: SpaceX. Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) announced today that, in 2018, it will...
30 July 2013, by

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