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Developing cost-effective, capable, surgical robots with a sense of “touch”

This article was first published on IEC e-tech. Robotic‑assisted surgery involves a surgeon using a computer‑assisted electro‑mechanical device to carry out complex and technically demanding...
24 May 2016, by

SRI International behind new robotic technology for Verb Surgical

SRI Robotics has long been known for advancing robotics and delivering new technology platforms to the market. Last week they introduced another transformational robotic technology being brought to ...
14 December 2015, by

Blue Belt Technologies acquired by Smith & Nephew for $275 million

Smith & Nephew, a global medical tech conglomerate that is expanding into robotics-assisted surgeries, announced that they are paying $275 million to acquire Pittsburgh startup Blue Belt Technolog...
03 November 2015, by

Beyond safety: Is robotic surgery sustainable?

This week, the “144” study on adverse events in robotic surgery made the rounds in media outlets such as the BBC, NBC and the MIT Tech review. An impressive group of researchers found that between...
29 July 2015, by

Surgical device maker Transenterix raises $50 million from IPO

Transenterix raised $50 million from an IPO and market switch that transferred their stock from the over-the-counter market to the special small-cap MKT Exchange on the NYSE....
16 June 2015, by

Intuitive Surgical da Vinci Surgical System gets big endorsement and new competition

UPDATED 3/29/15 For over two years, Intuitive Surgical has been sued, tried, analyzed and criticized about the efficacy of their da Vinci surgical robots. But they have continued to thrive, grow and ...
23 March 2015, by

Surgical micro-robot swarms: Science fiction, or realistic prospect?

Imagine a swarm of microscopic robots that we inject into the vascular system: the swarm swims to the source of the problem, then either delivers therapeutics or undertakes microsurgery directly. T...
09 March 2015, by

Video: Autonomous robot surgery on deformable tissue phantoms

Automating repetitive surgical subtasks such as cutting and debridement can facilitate supervised tele-surgery, and reduce surgeon fatigue and procedure times. Programming these tasks can be difficu...
13 November 2014, by , and

ShanghAI Lectures 2012: Lecture 10 “How the body shapes the way we think”

This concludes the ShanghAI Lecture series of 2012. After a wrap-up of the class, we announce the winners of the EmbedIT and NAO competitions and end with an outlook of the future of the ShanghAI Lect...
06 May 2013, by

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