The sunny side of the roboconomy in the Middle East

The Middle East and North Africa's youthful, fast-urbanizing population are perfectly placed to embrace technology and reap the rewards of the Fourth Industrial Revolution....
24 May 2017, by

White House releases reports focusing on opportunities and challenges of AI

While the future of artificial intelligence is probably going to be driven by Silicon Valley, the folks in Washington DC want their say about how it will work, too. In two reports, the White House ...
14 October 2016, by

From flying shuttles to rolling robots, automated supply chains are almost here

From Amazon’s delivery drones to self-driving cars, autonomous factory equipment to Elon Musk’s 760 mph vacuum tubes – automated vehicles are on the rise. Even beyond the grounds of pri...
02 September 2016, by

Could RoboBees help save food supplies? (video)

Originally pioneered at the Harvard Microrobotics Lab, in collaboration with Northeastern University, RoboBees are inspired by nature and designed for an important reason: wild pollinators -- such as...
08 August 2016, by

Fourth Industrial Revolution main theme at #WEF16 World Economic Forum

Another year gone as the 2016 World Economic Forum in Davos draws to a close. Experts weighed in about upcoming global changes for robotics, AI, internet of things, and the rise of digital transf...
26 January 2016, by

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