It’s not only engineers who work in robotics

Robotics has always been an interdisciplinary field - one that integrates knowledge from computer science, mechanical, electrical, controls, and other areas of engineering. But as robots move out of f...
12 October 2016, by

The future of robot off-line programming

If you drive a car, it makes little difference what brand it is: all cars are driven in essentially the same way. The same applies to computers. If you have a Windows PC, the user interfaces won’t b...
28 December 2015, by

Talking Machines: Treating cancer clusters, with Quaid Morris

In episode twenty one  we talk with Quaid Morris of the University of Toronto, who is using machine learning to find a better way to treat cancers. ...
09 October 2015, by

Coming of age: Clearpath’s Ryan Gariepy on growing a robotics startup

Launched in 2009 by a group of Waterloo engineering students, Clearpath's unmistakeable bright yellow and black robots have become synonymous with unmanned vehicle research in university research ...
01 September 2015, by

Robots in the rough: Demo day at FSR Toronto

Nothing proves a robot's mettle like a live demonstration in front of a discerning crowd. Check out these photos and videos from Demo Day at the recent Field and Service Robotics conference (FSR) ...
07 July 2015, by

Jade Robot: Hands on STEM for kids and classrooms

The Jade Robot is a fully-developed educational robot designed to engage and excite the next generation of scientists and engineers. It has just completed six months of in-classroom testing with st...
18 June 2015, by

Field and service robotics: The rubber meets the road at FSR in Toronto this June

While there has been a lot of recent attention in the media surrounding self-driving cars and drones, the field and service robotics community has been quietly toiling away for much longer. Later this...
03 June 2015, by

Transport Canada proposes amendments to sUAV regulations

On May 28th, Transport Canada released a Notice of Proposed Amendment (NPA) outlining proposed changes to the regulatory framework governing small UAVs. If adopted, the changes would take effect in 20...
01 June 2015, by

Does your drone have a ‘remote’? Canada’s definition of autonomous operations is a scene out of Chappie

Chappie, the new robo-film on the block, takes place in Johannesburg, where the police force is made up of robots. In one of the early scenes, the main characters, Die Antwoord’s Ninja and Yolandi t...
16 March 2015, by

Canada’s approach to risk management for nighttime drone flights

The FAA’s Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) for small unmanned aircraft systems (SUAS) limits SUAS operations to daylight hours. The FAA concedes that the restriction on nighttime flights may neg...
03 March 2015, by

How Canada handles beyond visual line-of-sight drone operations

The FAA’s Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) for small unmanned aircraft systems (SUAS) proposes to restrict operations that are completed beyond visual line-of-sight (BVLOS). However, the FAA has...
02 March 2015, by

Transport Canada’s position on indoor and tethered drone operations

In November, Transport Canada issued Staff Instruction 623-001, which provides guidance on the review and processing of Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC) applications. Among the issues addr...
19 January 2015, by

Canada’s regulations for foreign commercial UAV operators

Canada’s relatively favorable framework for commercial UAV operations is attracting interest among foreign operators who are frustrated with restrictions in their home jurisdictions. The following p...
12 January 2015, by

Transport Canada releases new framework for governing UAV operations

Earlier this month, Transport Canada announced that commercial operators will soon be able to benefit from two exemptions from the general Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC) requirement. Tod...
28 November 2014, by

Transport Canada relaxes commercial drone regulations, increases focus on academic use

Last week, Transport Canada announced upcoming changes to the regulatory framework surrounding drones. Transport Canada’s exemption notification simultaneously signals a relaxation of commercial dro...
10 November 2014, by

Commercial drone regulations: Canada vs. US

When Canadians attempt to characterize aspects of Canadian culture, it’s not uncommon to draw comparisons with the US. I recently noticed that as I respond to questions about the Canadian regulation...
29 September 2014, by

Grizzly on the Mars Emulation Terrain at NCFRN

by Ryan Gariepy I recently spent over a week in Montreal talking with – and learning from – the Canadian field robotics community, first at the Computer and Robot Vision (CRV) conference and t...
09 July 2014, by

Drone journalism: Is Canada ready? | CBC’s The Current

Drones are going from making the news for deadly aerial bombings to gathering the news - aerial vehicles equipped with cameras have flown over disasters - in the pursuit of a story. Today, we hear fro...
25 February 2014, by

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