Google’s Go-playing AI system beat Korean grandmaster 4 out of 5 games

Embed from Getty Images Machines have been beating humans for years in games and contests: chess, Scrabble, checkers, Jeopardy! and more recently, the Chinese board game Go. Google's AI machi...
17 March 2016, by

Talking Machines: Machine learning in healthcare and the AlphaGo matches

In episode five of season two, Ryan walks us through variational inference. We put some listener questions about Go and how to play it to Andy Okun, president of the American Go Association (who is in...
14 March 2016, by

To err is human: raising the bar on AI

Last week, media outlets reported about the latest 'sure sign' of an imminent robopocalypse. Google-backed DeepMind created an AI sophisticated enough to beat a human champion in the Chinese ...
01 February 2016, by

How friendly is your AI? It depends on the rewards

Two years after the small London-based startup DeepMind published their pioneering work on “Playing Atari with Deep Reinforcement Learning”, they have become one of the leaders in the chase for Ar...

Talking Machines: On ‘solving intelligence’, with DeepMind’s Nando de Freitas

In episode fourteen we talk with Nando de Freitas. He’s a professor of Computer Science at the University of Oxford and a senior staff research scientist Google DeepMind. Right now he’s focusing o...
03 July 2015, by

Google adds to DeepMind, acquiring 2 UK startups and partnering with Oxford U

In January, 2014, Google acquired London-based DeepMind Technologies for $643 million. Now it is adding to that purchase with two more companies, ten new hires and a substantial contribution to Oxford...
27 October 2014, by

Artificial General Intelligence that plays Atari video games: How did DeepMind do it?

Last December, an article named “Playing Atari with Deep Reinforcement Learning” was uploaded to arXiv by employees of a small AI company called DeepMind. Two months later [tweetquote]Google bough...

Big deals: What it means to have the giants investing in robotics

  If the world outside the robotics community didn't know about Boston Dynamics, Kiva and Nest, they do now. Recent robotics acquisitions and investments by major-league players like Google, Apple a...
12 February 2014, by

AJung Moon on “What does it mean to have giants like Google, Apple and Amazon investing in robotics?”

We have reasons to feel both excited and uneasy about giant corporations’ investment in robotics. It’s exciting for the robotics community that the giants (Google, Apple, and Amazon) are active...
12 February 2014, by

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