IROS 2014

UMich team works on perception and localization using cameras

Some new results from the NGV Team at the University of Michigan describe different approaches for perception (detecting obstacles on the road) and localizations (figuring out precisely where you are)...
27 January 2015, by



Finding Objects Using RFID, with Travis Deyle

Full transcript below. In this episode, Sabine Hauert speaks with Travis Deyle, about his IROS-nominated work on RFID tags, his blog Hizook, and the career path that brought him from academia, to fou...
15 November 2014, by



Quest for Computer Vision, with Peter Corke

In this episode, Audrow Nash interviews Peter Corke from Queensland University of Technology, about computer vision - the subject of his plenary talk at IROS 2014 (link to slides below). He begins ...
03 October 2014, by

Real-time appearance-based mapping in action at the Microsoft Kinect Challenge, IROS 2014

Last month at IROS the SV-ROS team Maxed-Out won the Microsoft Kinect Challenge. In this post Mathieu Labbé describes the mapping approach the team used to help them win....
03 October 2014, by

SV-ROS, Pi Robot win 1st place in IROS 2014 Microsoft Kinect Challenge

A few weeks ago, Pi Robot and I joined the Silicon Valley ROS Users Group (SV-ROS) to help with the effort (already under way) to prepare for a challenging robot navigation contest held at the end ...
29 September 2014, by

IROS Webcam: Research pitches from the interactive sessions (Part 3)

More pitches from the interactive sessions at IROS: soft untethered robots that jump, visual localization within LIDAR maps, time-delayed tele-operated surgical robotics, and grippers. See also Part ...
26 September 2014, by

Watch this crazy drone with arms fly and turn a wheel in mid-air | TIME

I, for one, welcome our new armed-drone overlordsSource: time.comSee on - The Robot Times...
22 September 2014, by

IROS 2014 Webcam: Research pitches from the interactive sessions (Part 2)

More pitches from the interactive sessions at IROS. See also Part 1....
20 September 2014, by

10 best quotes from IROS 2014 Industry Forum

How do I get to MVP? How do I take my existing technology to a different market? How do I attract outside funding for my idea? Does IP matter? (The answer to the last question is yes, although researc...
18 September 2014, by

IROS 2014 Webcam: Research pitches from the interactive sessions (Part 1)

The 2014 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2014) is on in Chicago, and members of the robotics research community have descended on the Windy City. This year th...
17 September 2014, by

Women in engineering at IROS 2014

[tweetquote]Shame that the missing engineering hero on the cover of IEEE Spectrum's July issue looks like superMAN[/tweetquote], because the IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE) lunch at IROS 2014 was a su...
16 September 2014, by

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