3-D printing offers new approach to making buildings

The list of materials that can be produced by 3-D printing has grown to include not just plastics but also metal, glass, and even food. Now, MIT researchers are expanding the list further, with the de...
01 May 2017, by

Craft breweries and robots

Craft brewing could be the perfect industry for collaborative robots. But, does automation mean losing your artisan status? We find how craft breweries can use robotics to scale-up their business with...
23 November 2016, by and

194 Chinese robot companies

In China, the robotics industry is booming. Companies are deploying thousands of robots in all types of factories, particularly in the auto industry. Chinese companies that manufacture robots and the...
18 August 2015, by

Estimating the impact of robots on productivity and employment

To discover the impact of robots on the average manufacturing worker, we analysed their effect in 14 industries across 17 developed countries from 1993 to 2007. We found that industrial robots increas...
14 July 2015, by and

Swiss-based ABB to manufacture robots in US

Robot manufacturing started in the US in 1961 when 26 Unimates - the first industrial robots - were made and deployed at a GM factory in Ewing, NJ. But, over the years, manufacturing and manufacturers...
24 May 2015, by

Shadow Robot’s Dexterous Hand can do more than cook up a storm

The Shadow Robot Company has been perfecting its robot hands for almost two decades, but it took just a short demo by the world’s first robot chef last month to propel this small, London-based start...
07 May 2015, by

The great equalizer: How robotics frees manufacturers from consolidating in low-wage nations

These days it is hard to read an article about the future of robots that does not include a reference to jobs. As a pure roboticist I object to the constant connection between the two, but as a concer...
15 April 2013, by

Do industrial robots really have a positive impact on employment?

Do industrial robots really have a positive impact on employment? Of course they do and there are over 50 years of data proving that to be the case....
12 April 2013, by

The Danish robot that doesn’t need sensors | Robotics Trends

Universal Robots’ lightweight robotic arms make their US debut... Rightly compared to Baxter, the UR5 and UR10 differ mainly in being single arms with a unique non sensor based technology, measurin...
27 September 2012, by

Robots bring jobs back to the US | Kuka Robotics

See on
19 September 2012, by

Will robots drive manufacturing back to the US?

Automated robots are producing manufactured and machined consumer and industrial goods around the world, but obstacles remain for widescale adoption, The New York Times reports. See on www.thomasnet....
10 September 2012, by

New wave of deft robots is changing global industry

(New York Times) "Robots far more adept than those now commonly used by automakers and other industries are replacing workers in both manufacturing and distribution. ... Older robots cannot do such w...
19 August 2012, by

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