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Powering the robocar: Ultracapacitors and other energy sources

A reader recently asked about the synergies between robocars and ultracapacitors / supercapacitors. It turns out they are not what you would expect, and it teaches some of the surprising lessons of ro...

Robocar roundup: Google accidents, Baidu cars, startups and more

Here’s a roundup of news stories in the field of robocars....

Automated vehicle crashes

  Earlier this month, the Associated Press reported on several past crashes involving automated vehicles. (Per SAE Standard J3016, I use the term "automated vehicle" instead of "autonomous veh...
29 May 2015, by

Why Tesla’s purported liability ‘fix’ is technically and legally questionable

An interesting article in last week’s Wall Street Journal spawned a series of unfortunate headlines (in a variety of publications) suggesting that Tesla had somehow “solved” the “problem” ...
26 May 2015, by

Robocar roundup: Google deploys nextgen cars on city streets; Mercedes Freightleiner tests in NV

[clear] Google has done over 2.7 million km of testing with their existing fleet, they announced. Now, they will be putting their small “buggy” vehicle onto real streets in Mountain View. The c...

Will motion sickness really be a barrier to self-driving cars?

Earlier this week I was sent some advance research from the U of Michigan about car sickness rates for car passengers. I found the research of interest, but wish it had covered some questions I think ...
14 April 2015, by

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Issues in regulating robocars, and the case for a light hand

All over the world, people (and governments) are debating about regulations for robocars. First for testing, and then for operation. It mostly began when Google encouraged the state of Nevada to write...
04 March 2015, by



Sensors for Autonomous Driving, with Christoph Stiller

In this episode, Audrow Nash interviews Christoph Stiller from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. Stiller speaks about the sensors required for various level of autonomous driving, as well as the...
20 February 2015, by

Programming safety into self-driving cars

For decades, researchers in artificial intelligence, or AI, worked on specialized problems, developing theoretical concepts and workable algorithms for various aspects of the field. Computer vision, p...

Might the first, supervised robocars be… well… boring?

Let me confess a secret fear. I suspect that the first “autopilot” functions on cars are going to be a bit boring....
23 January 2015, by

Robocar parking

In my earlier article on robocar challenges I gave very brief coverage to the issue of parking. Challenged on that, I thought it was time to expand. The world “parking” means many things, and the ...
19 January 2015, by

Slow down that runaway ethical trolley

The runaway trolley has chased automated motor vehicles into the new year. In early 2012, I raised a variation of the classic thought experiment to argue that there is not always a single absolu...
13 January 2015, by

Robocars at CES: Mercedes concept

There is reasonable volume of robocar related stuff to see here at CES. I just had a few hours today, and went to see the much touted Mercedes F105 “Luxury in Motion.” This is a concept, and no...
07 January 2015, by

Google presents their actual autonomous car test prototype

Google just unveiled their first ‘real-build’ self-driving prototype vehicle. This is a follow up to the concept presented in May and signifies the progress of this particular Google project....
22 December 2014, by

Future driving: Business models for robocars

When I talk about robocars, I often get quite opposite reactions: Americans, in particular, will never give up car ownership! You can pry the bent steering wheel from my cold, dead hands. I can...
11 December 2014, by



Mobility Transformation Facility, with Edwin Olson

NEW: Full transcript below. In this episode, Audrow Nash speaks with Edwin Olson, an Associate Professor at the University of Michigan, about the University’s 32-acre testing environment for auton...
28 November 2014, by

SMART begins live public robocar tests in Singapore today

Robocar R&D is moving fast in Singapore, and this week, the National University of Singapore (NUS) announced they will be doing a live public demo of their autonomous golf carts over a course wi...
23 October 2014, by

Readers support cars that communicate and self-organize

The conventional cars that we drive today don’t really talk to one another. Sure, some of them connect to your cellphones and mp3 players. But they don’t form a communication network with neighbou...
01 September 2014, by

If drinking and driving, ride the car that doesn’t need your input or let it go home w/o you

For the past few months the Open Roboethics initiative and Robohub have explored the topic of autonomous cars in the form of biweekly polls. We were able to find out a lot of interesting facts about w...
18 August 2014, by

The two cultures of robocars

I have many more comments pending on my observations from the recent AUVSI/TRB Automated Vehicles Symposium, but for today I would like to put forward an observation I made about two broad schools of ...

Autonomous car poll: Participants choose random chance over informed decision

Given a choice between crashing into a motorcyclist wearing a helmet vs. a motorcyclist who isn’t wearing one, which one should an autonomous car be programmed to crash into? What about the choice b...
21 July 2014, by

Deploying automated vehicles

In 2012, the Nevada DMV issued the first license to test autonomous vehicles on public roads in the US. The red license plates are only for autonomous test vehicles and are meant to make the cars easi...
16 July 2014, by



Cruise, with Kyle Vogt

In this episode, we speak with Kyle Vogt, the CEO of Cruise. His company recently joined the “driverless revolution” with their release of RP-1. This system is a highway autopilot that can be ins...
11 July 2014, by

Don’t laugh; the new Google prototype car has implications for your business

It may look amusing and easily dismissed as a novelty prototype many years from production, but take a good look at a technology that in a few short years is going to transform your life and have majo...
30 June 2014, by

Autonomous vehicles: A powerful tool if you can get the problem right

“When the American people, through their Congress, voted for a twenty-six-billion-dollar highway program, the most charitable thing to assume is that they hadn’t the faintest notion of what they w...
25 June 2014, by

Automated Driving: Upcoming Change in Perspective?

While Nate doesn't appear in today's comic, you can learn more about Nate's wacky life at his Website....
16 June 2014, by

An ethical dilemma: When robot cars must kill, who should pick the victim?

Image credit: Craig Berry We are moving closer to having driverless cars on roads everywhere, and naturally, people are starting to wonder what kinds of ethical challenges driverless cars will pose. ...
11 June 2014, by

The car in your driveway may be more autonomous than you think

[Jaguar XF, ESC test by EuroNCAP - photo: EuroNCAP ] Did you know that the majority of the cars we buy and drive today are able to act by themselves and maneuver themselves out of an accident? They...
11 June 2014, by

How do self-driving cars work?

Nissan’s autonomous car prototype - 2013, photo:Nissan Global Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, recently announced that the car manufacturer will produce self-driving cars within three years. Nissan has announ...
03 June 2014, by

Automated Driving – Something Missing

Learn more about Nate's wacky life at his Website....
29 May 2014, by

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