42 companies empowering robots and humans to work side-by-side

There is growing demand for more flexibility in factories and shops. Collaborative robotics, a sub-set of service robotics in labs, manufacturing and material handling, is where the action is today...
31 March 2017, by

Five applications for craft beer robots

What tasks in a craft brewery can you do with a collaborative robot? Here are five options to improve the efficiency, consistency and safety of manufacturing in the beverage industry....
28 December 2016, by and

What’s New in Robotics This Week – Nov 18

Unrequited bot love; new drones rules; Jibo raises $13m; artificial skin for robots; cobots lend a helping arm; Japan's 1st robot bus trial; plant-bot hybrids and much more. Find out what's happening...
18 November 2016, by

Discussing the future of mining robots

Robots, like Julius from the Mining-ROX project, are a promising option to keep mining economical and safe. In our interview, we spoke with Prof. Bernhard Jung from TU Freiberg about why robots are im...
24 October 2016, by and

RoboBusiness 2016: Our takeaways

We’re back from our yearly sync with the robotics industry happening at RoboBusiness. As usual, there were great talks and great people to meet. To be honest, I felt less frenzy this year than in th...
20 October 2016, by and

What’s new in robotics this week: British Standards Institute releases guidelines for ethical robot design

Ethics guidelines for robots; $1m grant for cobot research; Lyft fleet to be autonomous in 5 years; self-driving car policy; Russian bot arrested, and more. Find out what's happening in our robotics ...
23 September 2016, by and

Robotiq launches DoF: A community for robotics professionals

Robotiq has just launched a new community called DoF. This is an open community where industrial automation professionals share their know-how and get answers to accelerate their robotics projects....
12 September 2016, by

What’s new in robotics this week? SoftBank spending $32 billion on ARM

Softbank spending $32 billion on ARM; tactile intelligence is the future of robotic grasping; a 'cyborg' robot is built out of sea slug muscles and 3D printing; a German robot grills up sausages and...
22 July 2016, by and

How Industry 4.0 and Pokémon Go met halfway on the road to maximizing the IoT

You may be reloading this page trying to figure out if the title of this blog post got mixed up with something else. No, you read it correctly, I am going to outline similarities between Industry 4.0 ...
18 July 2016, by and

What’s new in robotics this week? Limiting cuteness in robot design

Automatica coverage; new sUAS rules; limiting cuteness in robot design; bots to become electronic persons?; European Robotics League launches, and more. Find out what's happening in our robotics unive...
24 June 2016, by and

I am FRANKA: German collaborative robot can build itself

The robotic industry is currently surfing on a new wave of collaborative robots. With several big companies trying to make their way into the market, there is still a huge effort from emergent compan...

A brief history of robotic force torque sensors

Force torque sensors are now ubiquitous in robotics, but where did they come from? What series of inventions and discoveries happened for robot force sensors to arrive where they are today? It turns...
28 January 2016, by and

10 essential skills for roboticists

What Type of Person Works in Robotics? Roboticists are a combination of opposites. As specialists, we are skilled in the fine details of our respective specialisms. As generalists, we are able to se...
07 January 2016, by and

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