Top 10 recommendations for a video gamer who you’d like to read (or even just touch) a book

Here is the Robotics Through Science Fiction Top 10 recommendations of books that have robots plus enough world building to rival Halo or Doom and lots of action or puzzles to solve. What’s even cooler is that you can cleverly use the “Topics” links to work in some STEM talking points.
20 November 2021, by

Sci-Fi Dreams: How visions of the future are shaping the development of intelligent technology

Here are the slides I gave recently as member of panel Sci-Fi Dreams: How visions of the future are shaping the development of intelligent technology, at the Centre for the Future of Intelligence 201...
14 July 2017, by

World Book Day 2017: 20 robot related books to inspire kids and teens

Happy International World Book and Copyright Day! It's a celebration of authors, illustrators, books and reading, held annually on 23 April---a symbolic date coinciding with the anniversary of the ...
23 April 2017, by

ROS robotics projects

A new book by Lentin Joseph, ROS Robotics Programming, outlines more than 14 robotics projects using ROS that can be engaged with without requiring a lot of hardware. The book starts with an introdu...
04 April 2017, by

Book Review: ‘Peer Reviews in Software, A Practical Guide,’ by Karl Wiegers

I have been part of many software teams where we desired to do code reviews. In most of those cases the code reviews did not take place, or were pointless and a waste of time. So the question is: how ...
01 June 2016, by

Turning the lens on robotics reporting: An interview with New York Times technology reporter John Markoff

If you are working in the field of robotics or AI, you may be used to fielding calls from journalists wanting to better understand the technology. But not all journalists are created equal. Pulitzer-P...
28 January 2016, by

Mastering ROS for robotics programming

A new book by Lentin Joseph, Mastering ROS for Robotics Programming, discusses advanced concepts in robotics and how to implement them using ROS. Readers will learn how to build models of complex ...
19 January 2016, by

‘Rise of the Robots’ receives Business Book of the Year award

One of our choices for your summer reading -- Martin Ford's 'Rise of the Robots' -- won the Financial Times and McKinsey Business Book of the Year award at a ceremony held last week in New York. ...
23 November 2015, by

Should cars be fully driverless? No, says MIT engineer and historian David Mindell

by Peter Dizikes | MIT News Office If you follow technology news — or even if you don’t — you have probably heard that numerous companies have been trying to develop driverless cars for a de...
15 October 2015, by

Book Review: ‘Practical Field Robotics’ by Robert Sturges

Practical Field Robotics: A Systems Approach by Robert H. Sturges, Jr. from Virginia Tech is an interesting book about how to design a field robot from a high level systems approach, and how to build ...
07 July 2015, by

Learning robotics using Python

[clear] A new book, Learning Robotics using Python, takes a different approach to teaching the Robotics Operating System (ROS). Written by Lentin Joseph, founder and CEO of Indian robotics start...
09 June 2015, by

Project Hieroglyph: Science fiction for better futures

It seems like our most popular visions of the future always end with environmental collapse, authoritarian oppression … and the ever-popular zombie apocalypse. Science fiction, what Clive Thompson c...
16 September 2014, by

“Drone Art” – an excerpt from The Drone Primer

This is an excerpt from The Drone Primer: A Compendium of the Key Issues, a free, one-stop, handbook addressing the basic and fundamental questions around drones in all their contexts, from foreign th...

Mind of life: An excerpt from Daniel Wilson’s new sci-fi novel, Robogenesis

This excerpt is from my novel Robogenesis, in which humankind is trying to put together the pieces of a shattered civilization after a war between men and machines. In the aftermath of the robopocalyp...
29 July 2014, by

The next big things in robotics

Last week I attended the launch event for a new NESTA publication called Our work here is done: Visions of a Robot Economy....
08 July 2014, by

New book on disaster robotics

A new book by MIT's Robin Murphy documents the use and performance of tactical ground, aerial, or marine robots at 34 incidents between 2001 and 2013....
25 February 2014, by

Ability to do creative, non-routine work will be a must in the coming automation era. Is this realistic for most workers?

There can be no doubt that technological progress has resulted in a far more prosperous society. Technology has often disrupted entire industries and, in some cases — as with the mechanization of ag...
13 April 2013, by

There is no war other than the one we are fighting with ourselves

Just five years ago, anybody who spoke of technological unemployment was labeled a luddite, a techno-utopian, or just simply someone who doesn’t understand economics. Today things are very different...
13 April 2013, by

New book: “Robot Futures” by Illah Reza Nourbakhsh

Robot Futures is a new book written by Dr. Illah Nourbakhsh, a professor at Carnegie Mellon University who has been teaching roboethics at the university for many years. According to Dr. Noel Sharkey,...
29 March 2013, by

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