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ShanghAI Lectures: Adrianne Wortzel “What’s Love Got to Do With It?”

Guest talk in the ShanghAI Lectures, 2009-12-17 This lecture discusses the relevance of embedding dramatic scenarios and expressive language into methodologies employed in the research and developm...
13 February 2014, by

If you could enhance yourself with some robotic accessory or implant, what would it be?

  cy·borg  -  ˈsīˌbôrg/ - noun a fictional or hypothetical person whose physical abilities are extended beyond normal human limitations by mechanical elements built into the bod...
15 January 2014, by

Mark Stephen Meadows on “If you could enhance yourself with some robotic accessory or implant, what would it be?”

There are two kinds of cyborgs - those that have broken the skin, and those that have not. Iron Man comes to mind as a cyborg of the second category, in that he can remove his enhancement (save for th...
15 January 2014, by

AJung Moon on “If you could enhance yourself by some robotic accessory or implant, what would it be?”

As a researcher in robotics, I tend to cringe whenever someone asks how long it will take until people start to see terminator-like robots on the streets. It’s a fun question to think about, but it ...
15 January 2014, by

Daniel H. Wilson on “If you could enhance yourself by some robotic accessory or implant, what would it be?”

The potential of robotic implants is limitless, but I am not interested in super-human powers. Instead, I’d be happy with human powers, and in particular the ability to remember. Growing up, I would...
15 January 2014, by

Robots at home: Interview with Assistobot CEO Tjin Van Der Zant

Tjin Van Der Zant helped found “Robocup at Home” in 2006, and since then the organization has spread to include a number of new locations everywhere from Brazil to Thailand. As a professor at the ...
05 January 2014, by and

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Don’t blame technology for persistent unemployment | Slate

Posting on the Slate blog Future Tense, James Bessen takes issue with the notion that technology causes unemployment, illustrating his point by debunking a pair of frequently cited examples, textile w...
06 October 2013, by

Getting started in robotics, an educational concern

I am profoundly convinced that if we are able to preserve the natural curiosity of early childhood in growing up individuals, without fail they will develop a durable attraction to science, technology...
23 September 2013, by

Robohub focus: Dealing with the ‘jobs’ question

For the next week, Robohub will host a special focus on robots and jobs, featuring original articles from leading experts in the fields of robotics and automation. The goal of the series is to explore...
15 April 2013, by

Ability to do creative, non-routine work will be a must in the coming automation era. Is this realistic for most workers?

There can be no doubt that technological progress has resulted in a far more prosperous society. Technology has often disrupted entire industries and, in some cases — as with the mechanization of ag...
13 April 2013, by

There is no war other than the one we are fighting with ourselves

Just five years ago, anybody who spoke of technological unemployment was labeled a luddite, a techno-utopian, or just simply someone who doesn’t understand economics. Today things are very different...
13 April 2013, by

Robohub focus: Robots and warfare

For the rest of this week, Robohub will have a special focus on the use of robots in warfare.  All kinds of robots are being developed for strategic defence and military action (in space, in the...
13 March 2013, by

Drone filibuster delays US Senate’s vote on new CIA director

A US Senate vote to confirm John Brennan as CIA director was delayed by a 13-hour talking filibuster by junior Republican Senator Rand Paul. US President Barack Obama has faced criticism in hi...
07 March 2013, by

The death of search (or, My dysfunctional relationship with Siri)

This article looks at the arrival of systems such as Siri, Google Now, and Watson and claims that these systems are the search engines of the next decade because they mine intimate data.  Since they ...
06 March 2013, by

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