Talking Machines: ANGLICAN and Probabilistic Programming

In episode seventeen of season two, we get an introduction to Min Hashing, talk with Frank Wood the creator of ANGLICAN, about probabilistic programming and his new company, INVREA, and take a listene...
04 November 2016, by

Talking Machines: Restricted Boltzmann Machines, with Eric Lander

In episode sixteen of season two, we get an introduction to Restricted Boltzmann Machines, take a listener question about tuning hyperparameters, plus, speak with Eric Lander of the Broad Institute....
09 September 2016, by

Talking Machines: Generative art and Hamiltonian Monte Carlo, with Doug Eck

In episode fifteen of season two, we talk about Hamiltonian Monte Carlo, take a listener question about unbalanced data, plus, speak with Doug Eck of Google’s Magenta project....
17 August 2016, by

Talking Machines: Machine learning and the Flint water crisis, with Jake Abernethy

In episode fourteen of season two, we discuss Perturb-and-MAP and answer a listener question about classic artificial intelligence ideas being used in modern machine learning. Plus, we speak with Ja...
27 July 2016, by

Talking Machines: Automatic Translation and t-SNE, with Hal Daume

In episode thirteen of season two, we talk about t-Distributed Stochastic Neighbor Embedding (t-SNE), take a listener question about statistical physics, plus, speak with Hal Daume of the University ...
08 July 2016, by

Talking Machines: Fantasizing cats and data numbers, with Iain Murray

In episode twelve of season two, we discuss generative adversarial networks, take a listener question about using machine learning to improve or create products, and lastly, speak with Iain Murray fro...
20 June 2016, by




ICRA 2016 Exhibition (Part 1 of 2), with Scania, PAL Robotics, Husqvarna and AnyBody Technology

This is the first of two episodes where Audrow Nash interviews several companies at the International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA). ICRA is the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society’s...
12 June 2016, by

Talking Machines: Spark and ICML, with Sinead Williamson

In episode eleven of season two, we talk about the machine learning toolkit Spark and answer a listener question about the difference between Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS) and Interna...
06 June 2016, by



INNOROBO 2015 Showcase, with RB 3D, BALYO, Kawada Robotics, Partnering Robotics, and IRT Jules Verne

In this episode, Audrow Nash interviews several companies at last year’s INNOROBO, a conference that showcases innovation in robotics....
29 May 2016, by

Talking Machines: Computational learning theory and machine learning for understanding cells, with Aviv Regev

In episode ten of season two, we talk about Computational Learning Theory and Probably Approximately Correct Learning originated by Professor Leslie Valiant of SEAS at Harvard, we take a listener ques...
24 May 2016, by



Ladybird, with James Underwood

Transcript below. In this episode, Ron Vanderkley interviews James Underwood from the Australian Centre for Field Robotics. Underwood discusses his work on an autonomous vegetable harvesting ...
21 May 2016, by

Talking Machines: Sparse Coding and MADBITS, with Clement Farabet

In episode nine of season two, we talk about sparse coding, take a listener question about the next big demonstration for AI after AlphaGo. Plus we talk with Clement Farabet about MADBITS and the work...
09 May 2016, by



Evolutionary Approaches for Flying Robots, with Guido De Croon

Transcript below.In this episode, Abate De Mey interviews Guido De Croon about Evolutionary Robotics and its use to design behaviors for flying robots....
01 May 2016, by

Talking Machines: Remembering David MacKay

Recently Professor David MacKay passed away. We’ll spend this episode talking about his extensive body of work and its impacts. We’ll also talk with Philipp Hennig, a research group leader at the ...
22 April 2016, by



Mecha Monsters, with Silas Adekunle

Transcript below. In this episode, Audrow Nash interviews Silas Adekunle, Co-founder and CEO of Reach Robotics. They speak about Reach Robotics’ first product, Mecha Monsters: legged, gaming robo...
17 April 2016, by

Talking Machines: Machine learning and society, with Neil Lawrence

Episode seven of season two is a little different than our usual episodes; Ryan and Katherine returned from a conference where they got to talk with Neil Lawrence from University of Sheffield about so...
08 April 2016, by



Hadrian Bricklaying Robot, with Mark Pivac

Transcript below.In this episode, Ron Vanderkley speaks with Mark Pivoc from FastBrick about Hadrian the bricklaying robot. Fastbrick is an Australian robotics firm aiming to disrupt the local bric...
02 April 2016, by

Talking Machines: Software and statistics for machine learning, with Rob Tibshirani

In episode six of season two, we talk about how to build software for machine learning (and what the roadblocks are), we take a listener question about how to start exploring a new dataset, plus, we t...
27 March 2016, by



Satellite Assembly in Space, with John Lymer

In this episode, Andrew Vaziri speaks with John Lymer, Chief Architect of Robotics and Automation at SSL. They highlight key programs in space robotics from the 1980s through to SSL’s current progra...
19 March 2016, by



Agilic and PiBot, with Harry Gee

In this episode, Abate De Mey interviews Harry Gee, founder of the robotics startup Agilic. Harry discusses his company and the robots he designed using the Raspberry Pi and Pi zero. He then discusse...
14 March 2016, by

Talking Machines: AI safety and the legacy of Bletchley Park, with Nick Patterson

In episode four of season two, we talk about some of the major issues in AI safety, (and how they’re not really that different from the questions we ask whenever we create a new tool.) We take a lis...
29 February 2016, by



Automation and Employment, with Michael Osborne

In this episode Andrew Vaziri speaks with Mike Osborne, Associate Professor in Machine Learning at the University of Oxford. They discuss how advancements in artificial intelligence may change the w...
20 February 2016, by



The Airbus Shopfloor Challenge, with Curtis Carson

Transcript belowIn this episode, Andrew Vaziri speaks with Curtis Carson, Head of Research and Technology in Industrial Strategy and Systems at Airbus. They speak about the Airbus Shopfloor Challenge ...
06 February 2016, by

Turning the lens on robotics reporting: An interview with New York Times technology reporter John Markoff

If you are working in the field of robotics or AI, you may be used to fielding calls from journalists wanting to better understand the technology. But not all journalists are created equal. Pulitzer-P...
28 January 2016, by



200th Episode Special, with Rodney Brooks

Transcript below.  In this episode, we celebrate our 200th episode! That’s over 6000 minutes of robot goodness and nearly 8 years releasing interviews with your favorite roboticists. The podcast...
22 January 2016, by

Flying robots, with Dario Floreano (Part two)

Last month we caught up with Dario Floreano, the head of the Laboratory of Intelligent Systems at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland. Here we continue our discussion,...
15 January 2016, by and



Microrobots for Harvesting Crystals, with Simone Schürle

Transcript below. In this episode, Audrow Nash interviews Simone Schürle, advisor and co-founder of MagnebotiX, about using small robots to harvest crystals. These crystals can be used to infer at...
09 January 2016, by

Interview with IJARS, with Howie Choset and Seth Hutchinson

The IJARS team sat down at ICRA with two influential academics in robotics: Professor Howie Choset (Carnegie Mellon University) and Professor Seth Hutchinson (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaig...



Construction Drilling, with Konrad Fagertun

Transcript below. In this episode Audrow Nash interviews Konrad Fagertun, Chief Operating Officer of nLink in Norway....
27 December 2015, by



Multi-Agent Systems and Human-Swarm Interaction, with Magnus Egerstedt

Transcript below. In this episode, Andrew Vaziri interviews Magnus Egerstedt, Professor at Georiga Tech, about his research in swarm robotics and multi-agent systems. They discuss privacy and secur...
11 December 2015, by

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