swarm robotics

The Robotarium: A remotely accessible swarm robotics research testbed

When developing algorithms for coordinating the behaviors of swarms of robots it is crucial that the algorithms are actually deployed and tested on real hardware platforms. Unfortunately, building and...

Swarms of precision agriculture robots could help put food on the table

Swarms of drones will help farmers map weeds in their fields and improve crop yields. This is the promise of an ECHORD++ funded research project called ‘SAGA: Swarm Robotics for Agricultural Appli...
21 October 2016, by , and

Machines can learn by simply observing, without being told what to look for

We have developed a new machine learning method at the University of Sheffield called Turing Learning that allows machines to model natural or artificial systems....
15 September 2016, by

Fish and ships: artificial lily pads and mussels monitor Europe’s waters

by Fintan Burke Europe’s waters have never been busier. Between fishing boats, tourist cruisers, and underwater turbines, marine habitats around the continent have never before needed a more watc...
16 May 2016, by



Multi-Agent Systems and Human-Swarm Interaction, with Magnus Egerstedt

Transcript below. In this episode, Andrew Vaziri interviews Magnus Egerstedt, Professor at Georiga Tech, about his research in swarm robotics and multi-agent systems. They discuss privacy and secur...
11 December 2015, by

Robots in Depth: Michael Rubenstein on the challenge of building 1,024 Kilobots

Robots in Depth is a new video series featuring interviews with researchers, entrepreneurs, VC investors, and policy makers in robotics, hosted by Per Sjöborg. In this interview, Michael Rubenstein d...
30 October 2015, by and

Bioinspired robotics #1: Swarm collectives, with Radhika Nagpal

In the Disruptive Podcast series, Terrence McNally speaks directly with Wyss Institute researchers, exploring what motivates them and how they envision our future as might be impacted by their disrup...
28 October 2015, by

Buzz: A novel programming language for heterogeneous robot swarms

A new programming language designed specifically for robot swarms, Buzz is based on the idea that a developer must be allowed to pick the most comfortable approach to behavioral design - whether that...

Swarmbots: James McLurkin on why, how, and when we will see swarm robotics in practice

Link to audio file (27:29), or listen on iTunes James McLurkin works with swarm robots at Rice University, and his unique work on robot communication has landed him on PBS’s “Nova,” in additi...
20 January 2015, by

Swarm robotics at CU-Boulder

“Researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder are developing a swarm of intelligent robots that can work together to perform tasks, like containing an oil spill or building a space station.” ...
17 December 2012, by

Swarms of robots will roam the land

In the future, swarm robots could do everything from taking out the garbage to cleaning your arteries... This April 2012 piece is better overview than some recent swarm articles. See on www.techweek...
10 September 2012, by

Quadrotor light show This video is a performance piece incorporating a troupe of 16 quadrotors. It's a very nice way to spend a few minutes....
27 June 2012, by



Dependable swarms, with Alan Winfield

Link to audio file (41:28)In today’s episode we take a close look at swarm robotics and its potential use in real-world applications with expert Alan Winfield, co-founder of the Bristol Robotics...
19 November 2010, by

Size counts

Just as you don't really need a machine with six foot tall tires to prepare a seedbed, you don't necessarily need a machine suspended from a gantry or with legs long enough to lift it above corn tasse...
16 September 2007, by

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