Lessons from Brexit and learning to better communicate robotics research and innovation

As part of the UK’s National Robotics Week, The University of Sheffield hosted the 17th Towards Autonomous Systems (TAROS) conference from 28-30 June. Among the papers and discussions on the develo...
27 July 2016, by

Holiday robot videos 2015: Part 2

New videos from the Bristol Robotics Lab and KU Leuven. Have a holiday robot video of your own that you’d like to share? Send your submissions to info [at]!...
22 December 2015, by

Robots at #ERW2015: From imagination to market

[clear] Bridging the gap between cutting-edge research in academia and the vibrant robotics startup ecosystem is no easy task. This Wednesday in the UK city of Bristol, a free public event titled ...
27 November 2015, by

Major debate on robots & society sets scene for #ERW2015 European Robotics Week

A mouthwatering array of over 750 events has been taking place throughout Europe this week as the continent celebrates Robotics Week 2015. The festivities began with an eye-opening debate on "Robots a...
26 November 2015, by

Morphological computation: The hidden superpower of soft-bodied robots

Soft robots are versatile, often much safer, more energy-efficient, robust and resilient than their more rigid counterparts. But one of the biggest challenges facing soft robotics is control - often, ...
10 September 2015, by and

First champion crowned for FPV drone racing UK nationals

James Bowles has been crowned UK champion following the first UK FPV drone racing national event organised by the British FPV drone racing association. The event was held at RAF Barkston Heath near G...
09 September 2015, by

Talking Machines: On ‘solving intelligence’, with DeepMind’s Nando de Freitas

In episode fourteen we talk with Nando de Freitas. He’s a professor of Computer Science at the University of Oxford and a senior staff research scientist Google DeepMind. Right now he’s focusing o...
03 July 2015, by

Talking Machines: Neil Lawrence on privacy in the age of machine learning

In episode eleven we chat with Neil Lawrence from the University of Sheffield. We talk about the problems of privacy in the age of machine learning, and the responsibilities that come with using mach...
22 May 2015, by

Human-robot emotional and musical interactions: Lecture by Massimiliano Zecca

In this video lecture, Massimiliano Zecca from the Healthcare Technology and Head of the Healthcare Technology group at Loughborough University discusses emotional robotics, musical robotics and...

Surgical micro-robot swarms: Science fiction, or realistic prospect?

Imagine a swarm of microscopic robots that we inject into the vascular system: the swarm swims to the source of the problem, then either delivers therapeutics or undertakes microsurgery directly. T...
09 March 2015, by

Keep Calm and Carry Passengers: UK robocar projects level up

The government-baked robocar projects in the UK are going full steam, with this press release from the UK government to accompany the unveiling of the prototype Lutz pod, which should ply the streets...
13 February 2015, by

New CAA rules govern use of drones in built up areas

The UK's Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has announced updated rules that will give operators an annual permission to operate in built up areas....
09 December 2014, by

RE.WORK: Meeting the challenges of commercialising robotics

Robots to install underfloor insulation in draughty homes, bots for edutainment, intelliTables and tiny robust drones flying with real bees wings - tantalising glimpses of a technology on the cusp of ...
16 October 2014, by

Governmental funding of strategic robotic projects

Many governments have determined that robotics will play a significant role in contributing to their economy and have set up projects to fund bottlenecks to speed up the process....
11 August 2014, by

1.1M£ robotic “Porton Man” to test protective clothing for UK’s armed forces

UK’s Ministry of Defense invested 1.1M GBP in a new robotic mannequin that will test protective suits and equipment for the UK’s armed forces. The project is named “Porton Man” and is able to ...
07 April 2014, by

Apple buys UK speech recognition firm Novauris to help improve Siri

  Voice recognition is a timely science not only because of all the human-automobile communication offered by car companies, but also by smart devices and their growing use of voice interf...
04 April 2014, by

What does the UK public think about robots? Sciencewise wants to know

What does the UK public want from robotics research? What are their hopes and fears? In order to discover more about what British citizens think about robotics and other key areas of technology, Sci...
27 August 2013, by

UK funding of novel robotics concepts

The Technology Strategy Board (UK) is to invest up to £1m in feasibility studies to accelerate the development of novel Robotics and Autonomous Systems (RAS) concepts towards demonstration and explo...
28 January 2013, by

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