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What’s new in robotics this week

by and   -   July 22, 2016


Softbank spending $32 billion on ARM; tactile intelligence is the future of robotic grasping; a ‘cyborg’ robot is built out of sea slug muscles and 3D printing; a German robot grills up sausages and more. Find out what’s happening in our robotics universe this week.

by and   -   February 4, 2016

The pioneer of artificial intelligence left us at 88 years old; Google’s ‘AI’ breakthrough; Robotic customer service; the army showcases examples of driverless trucks; world fastest Rubik cube solving, and more. 

by and   -   December 18, 2015

Plus: empathy for humanoids; learning to walk using neural networks; X Prize for marine robots; turtle-inspired robot … and much more. 

by and   -   December 11, 2015

ROS Turns 8; DJI Japan to train drone operators; farewell Nereus; New robot for kids with autism; Mercedes-Benz adds lane change tech, and much more. 

by and   -   December 4, 2015

Italian humanoid; Robot Car Championship; Ethics of Robot Love; Bosch unveils agricultural robot; Tribute to Joseph Engelberger in New York Times; Robot Samurai; Geminoid F; and more. 

by and   -   November 27, 2015

Simple-Natural-Language-Interaction-with-Consequence-Reasoning---YouTubeResearchers teaching robots to disobey human instructions; bug-zapping robot helps 8-year old; new drone regulations; robot tractors; and more.

by and   -   November 20, 2015

Japanese researchers have found that humans empathize with robots; Zano mini drone Kickstarter shut down; police pull over Google car; and more. 

by and   -   November 13, 2015
Credit: Alexandre Szames, Antigravite, Paris, France
Credit: Alexandre Szames, Antigravite, Paris, France

Solar wind for robotic spacecraft, AI in fiction ranked by evilness, the drone with no flight time limit and 10 drones you won’t need to register.

by and   -   November 6, 2015

Almost human robots; N. American robotics market sets new record; Chinese robot sets walking record; will superhuman robots be our friends and more.

by and   -   October 30, 2015

Robots teach each other new tricks; versatile construction bots; Leeds to employ robot utility inspectors and workers; Hollywood drone mishap; Robopocalypse Now! and more.

by and   -   October 23, 2015

Why robots with “hormones” are a good thing; the return of the uncanny valley; robots falling over (intelligently); drone regulation; South Korea-Samsung investment in robot factories; and more.

by and   -   October 16, 2015

Why humans interact better with robots that have imperfections; China reveals its lunar robot telescope; Walking-rolling robot; Capital last obstacle to sustainable asteroid mining, and more.

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