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Bosch and Nvidia partner to develop AI for self-driving cars

Amongst all the activity in autonomously driven vehicle joint ventures, new R&D facilities, strategic acquisitions (such as Mobileye being acquired by Intel) and booming startup fundings, two bi...
17 March 2017, by

NHTSA ODI report exonerates Tesla in fatal crash

NHTSA released the report from their Office of Defects Investigation on the fatal Tesla crash in Florida last spring. It’s a report that is surprisingly favorable to Tesla. So much so that even I am...
20 January 2017, by

Google car is now Waymo

Google’s car project (known as “Chauffeur”) kickstarted the entire robocar revolution, and Google has put in more work, for longer, than anybody. The car was also the first project of what becam...
14 December 2016, by

Oxbotica’s autonomous vehicle software learns its environment and how it changes over time

Oxbotica, a UK technology company with a focus on mobile robotics and driverless vehicles, has created Selenium, an autonomous software system acting similar to a 'brain' for a vehicle. Selenium can...
10 October 2016, by

Understanding the massive gulf between the Tesla Autopilot and a real robocar, in light of the crash

Brad Templeton describes Tesla’s Autopilot as a 'distant cousin of a real robocar' that primarily uses a MobilEye EyeQ3 camera combined with radars and ultrasonic sensors. Unlike robocar sensors, T...

Should Tesla disable your Autopilot if you’re not diligent? Plus, a survey of robocar validation

In this article, Brad Templeton provides a rundown of different approaches for validation of self-driving and driver assist systems, a recommendation to Tesla and others to have countermeasures to det...

Google develops a Chrysler minivan

If you had asked me recently what big car company was the furthest behind when it came to robocars, one likely answer would be Fiat-Chrysler. In fact, famously, Chrysler ran ads several years ago duri...

How would a robocar handle an oncoming tsunami?

Recently, a reddit user posted a short video of a lucky driver in Japan who was able to turn his car around just in time to escape the torrent of the tsunami....
19 April 2016, by

Reader poll: How should an autonomous car optimize crashes?

Photo by Roland Dobbins, Wikimedia A couple of months ago Dr. Patrick Lin, director of the Ethics + Emerging Sciences Group at California Polytechnic State University, wrote an article on autonomous...
08 July 2014, by

Why driverless cars are ‘probably’ legal | The Atlantic Cities

The biggest roadblock facing a driverless world isn't necessarily technology, but legality. The question of who would be liable in the event of an accident — the human "driver," the car's owner, the...
01 April 2013, by

Who’s liable when a driverless car crashes? | NPR

It's absolutely the case that after the first accident involving an automated vehicle, there will be an automated ambulance chaser following. - Robert Hartwig, president of the Insurance Informati...
12 March 2013, by

Nissan opens Silicon Valley center for self-driving car research | Bloomberg

Nissan Motor Co. opened a research center in California’s Silicon Valley that the Japanese carmaker plans to make its hub for research on self-driving vehicles and Internet-connected auto technology...
22 February 2013, by

CMURobotics RI Seminar: Mel Torrie of Autonomous Solutions

As guest speaker for a CMURobotics RI Seminar, titled Lessons Learned Bootstrapping a Robotic Vehicle Company, Mel Torrie of Autonomous Solutions (Petersboro, Utah), describes how he got into robotics...
02 February 2013, by

Robotics year in review: Top 10 stories of 2012

The past year was a watershed moment for robotics. From defense to exploration, startups to legislation, we saw products, laws, and investments that have shifted robotics out of the lab and into our l...
26 December 2012, by

Stanford hosts panel on making autonomous cars legal

The Center for Internet and Society at Stanford released a video of their panel discussion on "How an (Autonomous Driving) Bill Becomes Law" that took place earlier this month. The discussion builds o...
18 November 2012, by

SARTRE project concludes, reveals blissful future of car travel | IEEE Spectrum

Volvo has an operational system that lets cars you can buy today drive themselves on highways... Pertinent to the US, with the California autonomous vehicle legislation passing yesterday. See on spe...
26 September 2012, by

Google car zooms toward legal status |

After lobbying by Google, California passes legislation to allow autonomous cars on highways.   See on
25 September 2012, by

Stanford’s self-driving car tears it up on racetrack – tops 120 MPH | Singularity Hub

The current run through Thunderhill is another example of how Stanford and Volkswagen engineers are set on pushing robotic car performance to its limits, quite different from Google’s singular goal ...
19 August 2012, by

Google gets patent for driverless car

... Google was granted a US Patent “for transitioning a mixed-mode autonomous vehicle from a human driven mode to an autonomously driven mode.” ... Now comes the endless red tape over safety, neg...
18 December 2011, by

Making a car for blind drivers, by Dennis Hong In this recently released TED talk, Dennis Hong from VirginiaTech presents all the recent developments of his RoMeLa Robotics & Mechanisms Laboratory...
06 June 2011, by



Robots Podcast: Autonomous vehicles, with Alberto Broggi and Raul Rojas

Link to audio file (51:04) In today’s episode we take a deeper look at what’s behind the hype over autonomous vehicles, and talk to two experts in the field, Alberto Broggi, leader of the Vislab ...
05 November 2010, by

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