China’s strategic plan for a robotic future is working: 500+ Chinese robot companies

In 2015, after much research, I wrote about China having 194 robot companies and used screen shots of The Robot Report's Global Map to show where they were and a chart to show their makeup. We've just...
07 June 2017, by

Factory move to U.S. creates jobs with help from robot workforce

By investing $6 million in robots, Bicycle Corporation of America (BCA) was able to take back 10% of their manufacturing from China and place it into a new factory in Manning, South Carolina employin...
25 January 2017, by

The rise of China’s medical robotics sector

An emerging need China’s once abundant labor force has contributed to the country’s astonishing economic success in recent decades. But in the coming decades, the percentage of retirees relativ...
22 December 2016, by

Robots may save the global economy

A recent article in The Washington Post by Morgan Stanley strategist and author of "The Rise and Fall of Nations" Ruchir Sharma, provides a nuanced overview of the issues of jobs, robots, productivi...
13 December 2016, by

Report examines China’s expansion into unmanned industrial, service, and military robotics systems

In October, the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission released a report, China’s Industrial and Military Robotics Development, prepared by the Defense Group, Inc. at the Commission’...
03 November 2016, by

New Sino-Israeli Robotics Institute gets $20 million initial funding

A consortium of Chinese companies, municipalities and investors -- including Siasun, the largest robotics firm in China and the city of Guangzhou -- have inked a deal to set up a $20 million R&...
30 December 2015, by

“Made in China” initiative is nurturing robotics according to plan

The IFR (International Federation of Robotics) estimates that by 2018, one-third of all the industrial robots installed worldwide will be in China and said, "China is engaged on a historically unprec...
21 December 2015, by

More than 180,000 robotic vacuum cleaners sold on a single day

On Singles Day 2015, a holiday for the Chinese singles and youth market, Ecovacs Robotics sold $47 million worth of robotic products. Ecovacs only has three robotic products: a line of vacuum cleaners...
23 November 2015, by

194 Chinese robot companies

In China, the robotics industry is booming. Companies are deploying thousands of robots in all types of factories, particularly in the auto industry. Chinese companies that manufacture robots and the...
18 August 2015, by

‘World’s Most Dangerous Rivalry’ stoked by bowing Abe robot at CIROS

The long-term rivalry between China and Japan, often characterised as the "World's Most Dangerous Rivalry," was exacerbated at the CIROS show held in Shanghai last week by a bowing Prime Minister Abe...
17 July 2015, by

What’s propelling China’s industrial robot revolution

[clear] Xi Jinping, China's President, last year called for an “industrial robot revolution.” Since then China has created policies giving value added tax refunds and subsidies to companies m...
03 July 2015, by

Two profitable uses for robots

Industrial robots keep humming along, doing the dull, dirty and dangerous work of factories around the world. Newer applications are less often known but are quickly emerging. Here are two novel ones....
05 May 2015, by

Chinese shopping for global robotics ventures

April has seen Chinese VCs acquiring robotic ventures, buying out competitors, seeking funding to scale up production, and shoring up industry gaps....
30 April 2015, by

Video describes accelerating robot deployment in China

In response to rising labor costs combined with a shortage of workers, China has begun to provide incentives to encourage businesses to utilize robots to replace factory workers....
27 April 2015, by

Sino-Russian robotics boosted as Skolkovo signs $200M deal with Chinese investment fund

Russia's Skolkovo Foundation and the Chinese Cybernaut Investment Group signed an agreement yesterday in Beijing to create a joint Russian-Chinese business incubator, a robotics accelerator program, ...
22 April 2015, by

Foxconn begins selling noodle-making robot

Early in 2014 Foxconn invested $25 million in Fu Jiang Robot Technology, a Shenzhen robot maker which had a dough-slicing device that was beginning to sell....
28 February 2015, by

40% annual growth forecast for Chinese robotics

Song Xiaogang, president of CRIA, China’s Robotics Industry Association, said that the number of robots sold in China in 2014 would reach 50,000; up from 36,860 in 2013....
07 January 2015, by

Q1 and Q2 2014 robot sales best ever

Following the International Federation of Robotics' (IFR) announcement earlier this year that 2013 set an all-time robotics record, the North American Robotics Industries Association announced that 2...
04 August 2014, by

China International Robot Show (CIROS) a BIG hit

CIROS, the China International Robot Show held last week in Shanghai had record crowds, record numbers of exhibitors, 168,000 sq ft of exhibition space, and exuded confidence in a thriving up-and-comi...
16 July 2014, by

3d printer builds houses in China | The Guardian See more at The Guardian and Mashable....
14 July 2014, by

IFR Maker/User Panel at AUTOMATICA

In a crowded back room at AUTOMATICA 2014 in Munich, the International Federation of Robotics (IFR) sponsored a panel of prominent robot users explaining their needs to a panel of executives represent...
11 June 2014, by

Competing sales reports for industrial robotics

    Research and Markets, an online market research store, is offering a new $3,000 report, Global and Chinese Automotive Industrial Robotics Industry Report 2013-2014, with figure...
29 January 2014, by

China’s moon landing and rover tip of iceberg

Yutu (“Jade Rabbit”), China's rover-like robot was soft-landed on the moon earlier this month. China's plans to become a global leader in robotics and space exploration are just beginning to be s...
20 December 2013, by

China takes long view in funding robotics, innovation

  With the rapid economic development of the last twenty years resulting in the accumulation of great wealth, China urgently feels the need to move from a manufacturing-driven economy to an innovati...
17 July 2013, by

Quadrocopter Drones from China

The market of remote controlled quadrocopter drones is growing fast. The world´s first crash avoiding drone comes from Guangzhou Walkera  Technology Co., Ltd. a Chinese manufacturer of R/C model t...
22 January 2013, by

The rise of the robots | chinadaily

Rising labor costs, innovation drive prompt companies to use more machines in manufacturing. As seen from a chinese perspective See on
05 October 2012, by

The future of Chinese-manufactured Apple products

... Two NY Times articles expose details about the treatment of 400,000+ Chinese workers involved in the production of Apple products: (1) In China, Human Costs Are Built Into an iPad and (2) How the ...
30 January 2012, by

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