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Telcos vs. big data companies: Which sector will drive consumer robotics?

NTT’s recent entry into consumer robotics suggests that it’s not just about Google vs Amazon, or Softbank vs NTT anymore, but about telcos vs big data companies. With two major and distinct sector...
30 July 2015, by and

Japanese telcos vie for share in consumer robot-as-a-service business

View image | Yesterday a second Japanese telecommunication firm entered the consumer robot-as-a-service market when the state-owned Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NT...
29 July 2015, by

Is surveillance the new business model for consumer robotics?

A discussion with Ryan Calo on Google, your personal data, and the consumer robotics market Can someone tell me: What's Google doing, making robots? Or at least: What is it doing, making such acqui...
06 May 2014, by

DARPA’s Gill Pratt on Google’s robotics investments

When Google bought Boston Dynamics last December, the news made headlines, but it was not the first time the Internet giant has invested in DARPA-funded robotics. As part of Robohub's Big Deals series...
19 March 2014, by and

Schunk to Google: Welcome to the robotics game

The continuing interest of Google in robotics over the last years and its newest activities in this regard confirms what all players active in robotics will confirm: service robotics is on the thresho...
12 March 2014, by

Privacy, Google, and Big Deals, with Avner Levin

Link to audio file (33:53) What does it mean to have giants like Google, Apple and Amazon investing in robotics? Since last December, Google alone has acquired a handful of companies in robotics, hom...
07 March 2014, by

Brand strength, cultural influence of consumer-facing giants like Google, Apple and Amazon help legitimize robotics for businesses and investors

What is one to make of this focus series … Big Deals: What It Means to Have the Giants Investing in Robotics … with the giants being Google, Amazon and Apple (as given in the preamble)? The ass...
04 March 2014, by

Valery Komissarova on when investing in robots is the right move

As part of Robohub’s Big Deals series, startup expert Andra Keay asks Valery Komissarova, Grishin Robotics’ Director of Business Development, about what all the recent robotics acquisitions mean t...
26 February 2014, by and

The robots behind your Internet shopping addiction: How your wallet is driving retail automation

When you're shopping for the best online deals you're probably not thinking much about the massive distribution network required to bring that pair of shoes to your doorstep. Is your quest for the bes...
25 February 2014, by

Individual investors: Take a cue from corporate capital … the time is right for robotics

Megatrends are easiest to recognize in hindsight, which leads many investors to wonder how they missed out on something so big.  How many times have you thought to yourself, “I knew that business o...
19 February 2014, by

Will companies like Google and Amazon usher in a new era for robotics?

Amazon announced its plans to launch a new drone delivery service this past December.   Recent eye-popping acquisitions of robotics technology companies by giants like Google and Amazon might sugge...
18 February 2014, by

Big deals: What it means to have the giants investing in robotics

  If the world outside the robotics community didn't know about Boston Dynamics, Kiva and Nest, they do now. Recent robotics acquisitions and investments by major-league players like Google, Apple a...
12 February 2014, by

Alan Winfield on “What does it mean to have giants like Google, Apple and Amazon investing in robotics?”

  Judging by the levels of media coverage and frenzied speculation that has followed each acquisition, the short answer to what does it mean is: endless press exposure. I almost wrote 'priceless exp...
12 February 2014, by

Mark Stephen Meadows on “What does it mean to have giants like Google, Apple and Amazon investing in robotics?”

  Google, is the wild card for me.  With more acquisitions (DeepMind, Boston Dynamics, Redwood Robotics, Industrial Perception, Meka, Schaft, and others) than Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Microso...
12 February 2014, by

AJung Moon on “What does it mean to have giants like Google, Apple and Amazon investing in robotics?”

We have reasons to feel both excited and uneasy about giant corporations’ investment in robotics. It’s exciting for the robotics community that the giants (Google, Apple, and Amazon) are active...
12 February 2014, by

What do Google, Amazon, IBM, Apple, Microsoft and all the airlines and car companies want?

They want to communicate more accurately, resolve issues faster and with higher levels of satisfaction than at present. They also want to enable more complex communication. And they want to do it amia...
03 February 2014, by

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