Building the Jibo prototype: Interview with VP Engineering Andy Atkins

Our most recent video update comes from our VP of Engineering Andy Atkins. Take a sneak peak inside the minds of our engineers as they finish our newest Jibo P2s, to find out what kinds of challenges ...
08 July 2015, by

RoCKIn2015: A glimpse into the future of Europe’s domestic and industrial robotics industry

Over the last 20 years, robot competitions have emerged as a powerful means to foster progress in robotics research and development (R&D). RoCKIn is part a of new generation of scientific robotics...
27 June 2015, by



CyPhy LVL 1 Drone, with Helen Griener

In this episode, Audrow Nash speaks with Helen Greiner, CEO and founder of CyPhy Works and co-founder of iRobot, about CyPhy Work’s LVL 1 photography drone. The LVL 1 drone has six propellers that a...
12 June 2015, by

iPetCompanion lets you play with your pets via telepresence

iPetCompanion have developed telepresence technology that allows you to manipulate toys so you can play with your pets while you're away. The team has installed the system in hospitals and animal sh...
22 May 2015, by

Why Google’s robot personality patent isn’t what it appears to be

[tweetquote]Google’s new patent: Less about creating robot personalities than collecting yours.[/tweetquote]...
16 April 2015, by

Sensor-driven armband used to direct robots

ThalmicLabs' MYO gesture-based armband is making inroads driving robots, moving robot arms and on the arms of a Dutch trance music producer, DJ and radio personality....
21 March 2015, by

Jibo’s coordinated expression mechanisms: Behind the scenes

In this development video, hosted by Jesse Gray & Matt Berlin of Team Jibo and the MIT Media Lab, we’ll discuss how Jibo uses movement, sound, LEDs, and screen graphics to communicate with peopl...
11 March 2015, by

Robocars at CES: BMW

Day 3 at CES started with a visit to BMW’s demo. They were mostly test driving new cars like the i3 and M series cars, but for a demo, they made the i3 deliver itself along a planned corridor. It wa...
09 January 2015, by

GraspIO – An easy way to build electronics using iPhone, iPad & Android

GraspIO is part hardware and part software, and gives everyone an easy way to build electronics projects using smartphones and tablets. It’s the world’s first DIY electronics platform with easy-to...
03 December 2014, by



Finding Objects Using RFID, with Travis Deyle

Full transcript below. In this episode, Sabine Hauert speaks with Travis Deyle, about his IROS-nominated work on RFID tags, his blog Hizook, and the career path that brought him from academia, to fou...
15 November 2014, by

Amazon’s Echo: A point-of-sale even the kids can relate to

Amazon, the largest online retailer and Internet company in the USA, sells media, data, software, video games, electronics, food, toys, clothes, furniture, and jewelry. It is a big provider of cloud c...
14 November 2014, by

New educational robot helps kids learn coding through music

Meet Wigl! Wigl is an interactive educational robot with a musical ear. We’ve launched our Indiegogo campaign for Wigl, the first musical robot buddy for kids. Wigl is controlled by musical notes th...
04 November 2014, by

Just launched: Fellow Robots’s OSHbot

Fellow Robots, in partnership with Lowes Hardware, today launched the OSHbot as a customer assistant robot at the Orchard Supply Hardware store in San Jose. Although the robot can only give informatio...
28 October 2014, by

NEXTAGE robot makes coffee! | Kawada Robotics Blog

Visitors to Japan Robot Week 2014 at Tokyo Big Sight can order their coffee from a robot. Robot Launch Pad's insight: Japan is putting a lot of focus on robotics in ...
15 October 2014, by

What would you want your robot home to do for you?

The devices that we interact with in our everyday lives are getting 'smarter': we wear smart watches, carry smart phones, and many of us are now living in smart homes that are equipped with intellige...
14 October 2014, by

Jibo campaign ends, takes in almost $2.3M

This weekend we became the #1 Most Successful Technology Campaign on Indiegogo ever when we broke $2.2M! We are both elated and deeply grateful to all our supporters for helping JIBO set a new recor...
22 September 2014, by

Reader poll: Home robots — appliance or companion?

While vacuum robots continue to dominate the ‘robots at home’ market, with Jibo taking on the role of the top 5 most funded Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign, and Pepper expected to arrive at ...
17 September 2014, by

Hotel delivery robot debuts in Silicon Valley

Savioke, a start-up headed by ex-Willow Garage CEO Steve Cousins, has provided Aloft Hotels with a robotic butler. Aloft Cupertino is the first to use the new SaviOne delivery robot....
13 August 2014, by

Robot butler at your service: Savioke to pilot hospitality bot at Aloft Hotel

In a press release today, Savioke unveiled its new robot, SaviOne, a robot butler that was designed for the hospitality industry. Starting August 20, guests requesting items from the front desk at Alo...
12 August 2014, by

Martha Stewart: Why I love my drone | TIME

Last year, while celebrating my birthday in Maine, I was given a drone fitted with a high-definition camera. After a quick introduction to the mechanics of operating the contraption and a few words ab...
30 July 2014, by

Home Depot starts selling 3-D printers in stores | Bloomberg

Home Depot Inc. (HD), the world’s largest home-improvement chain, will start selling 3-D printers today in stores for the first time, pushing deeper into a market that was once the domain of enginee...
14 July 2014, by

SoftBank’s humanoid robot Pepper knows how you’re feeling | ComputerWorld

Pepper is a cute, wisecracking personal robot designed to bring joy to everyone, and Japanese mobile carrier SoftBank wants people to start buying it next year for the price of a high-end PC. Its...
05 June 2014, by

17% compound annual growth rate forecast for home cleaning, remote presence and home entertainment robots

    A recent Business Insider article, Beyond Factory Robots: Market Forecast and Growth Trends for Consumer and Office Robots, concludes that for the period from now until 2019, ...
02 June 2014, by



Russian robotics, with Roman Luchin and Andrew Gryaznov

In this episode, Sabine speaks with Andrew Gryaznov, co-founder of Cubic Robotics and Roman Luchin, CEO of CyberTech Labs, about robotics in Russia. They provide us with an inside view on robotics edu...
30 May 2014, by

Technology to help adults age in place just a few years away | The Star

“There still is a stigma with seniors and this idea of them being averse to technology,” says Rosalie Wang, a post doctorate fellow who works in robotics at Toronto Rehab. “The truth is that, li...
13 May 2014, by

Is surveillance the new business model for consumer robotics?

A discussion with Ryan Calo on Google, your personal data, and the consumer robotics market Can someone tell me: What's Google doing, making robots? Or at least: What is it doing, making such acqui...
06 May 2014, by

Robot helps 94-year-old Italian grandmother live independently at home EU invests in new technology to support silver generation At 94, Grandma Lea could not live alone anymore, but she wanted to stay at home. She still doe...
05 May 2014, by

Snowden BEAMs into TED: How robotic telepresence disrupts borders

Chris Anderson interviews Edward Snowden, who appears at TED 2014 in Vancouver via BEAM telepresence robot from an unknown location in Russia. Travel in some parts of the world, or for some people, c...
19 March 2014, by and

Are telepresence robots really robots?

Are telepresence robots really robotic? Is the da Vinci robotic surgical system robotic? Is a car with adaptive cruise control acting robotically? Well … no to all three questions. All thre...
14 March 2014, by

NAO Next Gen now available for a wider audience

As of yesterday, you can get the adorable and versatile humanoid robot NAO from Aldebaran Robotics for yourself, even if you are not an academic or a hardcore developer. According to Génération R...
13 March 2014, by

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