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Multi-Agent Systems and Human-Swarm Interaction, with Magnus Egerstedt

Transcript below. In this episode, Andrew Vaziri interviews Magnus Egerstedt, Professor at Georiga Tech, about his research in swarm robotics and multi-agent systems. They discuss privacy and secur...
11 December 2015, by

New collaborative robots — and product lines — at iREX 2015

We visited iREX 2015 last week at the Tokyo Big Sight. It was great to be in robotland and to be immersed in Japan's point of view on robotics. Some well-known collaborative robot manufacturers are ...
07 December 2015, by and

#iREX2015 collaborative robots video roundup

Several new collaborative robots were shown at the IREX show in Japan. Check out the video....
04 December 2015, by and

Body-enhancing exoskeletons could be stepping into industrial trials next year

by Jon Cartwright Wearable technology uses electric motors and springs to augment the strength and balance of the human body. It has long been the subject of military research, but now engineers be...
01 December 2015, by

On the ethics of research in robotics, with Raja Chatila

In this video lecture, IEEE Fellow Raja Chatila shares his views on [tweetquote]why roboticists are duty-bound to educate the wider public on the state of advanced robotics[/tweetquote], and also t...

New video shows bionic athletes rehearsing for upcoming Cybathlon competition

In 21 countries across the globe, hundreds of people are preparing for Cybathlon 2016, where cutting edge robotic assistive technologies will help people with disabilities to compete in a series of ra...
19 November 2015, by

Key takeaways from #ICRW2015 International Collaborative Robots Workshop

Everybody agrees that 'collaborative' refers to an application, not a robot type. Everyone agrees that there are four types of human-robot collaboration in manufacturing. But in the end, what people...
22 October 2015, by and

Tweets from #ICRW2015 International Collaborative Robotics Workshop 2015

The Robotic Industry Association's International Collaborative Robotics Workshop is on today in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Check out tweets from the event....
15 October 2015, by

Teaching a brain-controlled robotic prosthetic to learn from its mistakes

Brain-Machine Interfaces (BMIs) -- where brain waves captured by electrodes on the skin are used to control external devices such as a robotic prosthetic -- are a promising tool for helping people w...
01 October 2015, by

SMEs need robots that know their limitations and ask for help

Socrates famously said that “the only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing." Yet while we often equate human intelligence with the ability to recognize when help is needed and where to see...
15 September 2015, by

Creating the voice behind Jibo

Jibo may be a robot, but the last thing the team wants is for Jibo to sound like a robot. In these two video interviews, Jibo's design team talks about how they selected Jibo’s voice, how that ...
02 September 2015, by



Robots and Communication, with Eleanor Sandry

Transcript included. In this episode, Ron Vanderkley speaks with Dr. Eleanor Sandry of Curtin University about her new book Robots and Communication. In the interview, we explore human to anim...
21 August 2015, by



RoboBusiness Exhibition, with RoboBusiness 2014

In this episode, Audrow Nash speaks to several robotics companies at the company showcase at RoboBusiness 2014, which took place in Boston, Massachusetts....
29 May 2015, by

Bionic athletes compete in disciplines drawn from everyday life

By: Vanessa Bleich Next year's Cybathlon will host people with physical disabilities equipped with advanced assistive devices including robotic technologies. The goal of this unique competition is to...
21 May 2015, by



Supernumerary Limbs, with Federico Parietti

In this episode, Audrow Nash interviews Federico Parietti, a PhD candidate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, about his research on supernumerary robotic limbs that can be used in manufact...
15 May 2015, by

People and Robots: UC’s new multidisciplinary CITRIS initiative wants humans in the loop

Since 2001, the University of California's Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society (CITRIS) has leveraged multi-disciplinary research to tackle large societal proble...
22 April 2015, by and

Why Google’s robot personality patent isn’t what it appears to be

[tweetquote]Google’s new patent: Less about creating robot personalities than collecting yours.[/tweetquote]...
16 April 2015, by

Video: Giving robots and prostheses a sense of touch

The UCLA Biomechatronics Lab develops a language of touch that can be "felt" by computers and humans alike. Research engineers and students in the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Biomech...

Would you feel sorry for a simulated robot? Study shows people empathize more with the real thing

In the future, robots will be in our daily lives: homes, schools, offices, factories, even restaurants. The field of social robotics looks at how these robots can interact with people socially, just l...



Speech-Based Emotion Recognition, with Christina Brester

In this episode, Audrow Nash interviews Christina Brester, from the Siberian State Aerospace University, about her research on a method to identify emotional state from speech. This method performs sp...
20 March 2015, by

Why are JIBO, Pepper, Siri, Google Now and Cortana so important?

There's a race going on to see which AI solution providing personal assistance is welcomed by businesses, end users and consumers, and whether this will be physical or virtual....
16 March 2015, by

Ex Machina: When Turing meets Bechdel test

Alex Garland’s first feature film as a director, Ex Machina, had its US debut at SxSW on March 14. This stylish idea film explores the Turing Test in a very Pinteresque fashion as a young coder fall...
15 March 2015, by

Developing trust in autonomous robots: Seminar with Michael Wagner

I recently had the opportunity to hear a talk from a colleague that I have worked with many times over the years. The talk was all about how to build safe and robust systems - a critical topic that ...
06 March 2015, by

DARPA’s HAPTIX project hopes to provide prosthetic hands with sense of touch

The Gazebo team has been hard at work setting up a simulation environment for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)’s Hand Proprioception and Touch Interfaces (HAPTIX) program. The g...
11 February 2015, by

Video: A day in the life of BeatBots’ Marek Michalowski

At ConnectEd Studios we had the pleasure of visiting the workshop of Marek Michalowski, a co-founder of BeatBots. BeatBots is the robotic design studio behind the Keepon, and creates dynamic robotic ...
09 February 2015, by

Robot caregivers: How much interaction with a robot is socially acceptable?

With the continuous increase in life expectancy and the number of people aged 65+ on the rise, it is no wonder that many roboticists have been discussing the use of robot as companion/caregiver for e...
28 January 2015, by

Slow down that runaway ethical trolley

The runaway trolley has chased automated motor vehicles into the new year. In early 2012, I raised a variation of the classic thought experiment to argue that there is not always a single absolu...
13 January 2015, by

How much interaction with a robot is socially acceptable?

We have a tall order when it comes to dreaming up a trustworthy care robot: a robot could clean the house, find and fetch objects, and even keep seniors company. But if robots take on so many daily c...
13 January 2015, by

Walking assistive devices for the elderly

When thinking about robots that can be used to care for the elderly, most people imagine humanoid robots that are meant to help with cooking, cleaning and socializing. But what if robots could be u...
07 January 2015, by and

Robo-Wars: The regulation of robotic weapons

Robotic weapons, whether autonomous or remote controlled, have generated widespread controversy in recent years. Alex Leveringhaus, James Martin Fellow, Oxford Institute for Ethics, Law and Armed ...

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