Air, water, energy and food in a nutshell: Space exploration as driver for sustainable robotic agriculture

University of Colorado's robotic plant growth is demonstrated at the Kennedy Space Center. Source: NASA. Targeting a sustainable presence of humans in outer space will require solving air, water, ...
04 November 2013, by

Swimming robot tested for billion-mile trip to Saturn moon | National Geographic

The glacier-fed Laguna Negra (map) in the Chilean Andes, where NASA and SETI Institute scientists have been testing a floating robot whose successors may eventually parachute into a sea on Titan, Satu...
05 August 2013, by

SpaceX awarded launch reservation contract with MDA Robotics for Canadian satellite program

The Falcon 9 rocket in the hangar at SpaceX's launch site at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. Photo credit: SpaceX. Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) announced today that, in 2018, it will...
30 July 2013, by

Research Days: Multi-UAV systems

Autonomously flying robots — also called small-scale unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) — are more and more exploited in civil and commercial applications for monitoring, surveillance, and disaster r...
17 July 2013, by and

More space robots as Grishin funds NanoSatisfi

NanoSatisfi, a Silicon Valley based cubesat startup, today received $300,000 investment from Grishin Robotics bringing their total seed funding to $1,750,000, not including their initial successful Ki...
11 July 2013, by

Astronaut on International Space Station successfully controls K10 rover on Earth, supporting use of telerobotics in future deep space missions

On June 17, 2013, Astronaut Chris Cassidy successfully drove a K10 rover on earth, via remote connection from the Surface Telerobotics Workbench on the International Space Station, showing that robo...
02 July 2013, by

Space mining: Robots in the final frontier

Over the past two decades, robotic planetary exploration has generated an incredible wealth of knowledge about our neighbors in the Solar System. We now realize that celestial bodies within our reach...
01 July 2013, by

ISS using Linux for key functions, humanoid space robot | WIRED UK

The International Space Station is switching from Windows to Linux for functions which require increased in-house control, including the control of the R2 humanoid robot. Designed to take over so...
13 May 2013, by

Parrot AR.Drone app harnesses crowd power to fast-track vision learning in robotic spacecraft

Astrodrone is both a simulation game app for the Parrot AR.Drone and a scientific crowd-sourcing experiment that aims to improve landing, obstacle avoidance and docking capabilities in autonomous spac...
26 March 2013, by

A visual history of robotic Mars probes | Wired UK

Check out Paul Butt's beautifully illustrated infographic on the history of Mars exploration by robotic probes, and the many successes and failures along the way.   See on Wired UK. &...
11 March 2013, by

Know your robot space torsos: Justin, Robonaut, SAR-400, & AILA

Astronauts: awesome, but only human It's cold out there beyond the blue. Full of radiation. Low on breathable air. Vacuous. It's hard to keep machines and organic creatures functioning and/or alive....
04 March 2013, by

Volare robotics challenge, robot helpers for ISS competition by ESA

ESA is organizing the first robotic competition on a mock-up of the International Space Station (ISS). The competition is open for young people from ESA member states who can compete in three age grou...
27 February 2013, by

Curiosity lands safely and In working order

Depending on which time zone you're in, either yesterday evening or early this morning, a rocket-powered sky crane lowered the Curiosity rover gently to the surface of Mars, just in time for Curiosity...
06 August 2012, by

JPL Open House 2012, with Tod Litwin, Megan Richardson, Kit Kennedy, Mike Watkins and Dimitri Zarzhitsky

Link to audio file (28:07)In today’s show we bring you to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) Open House, just in time to prepare for the landing of the Curiosity Mars Rover in less tha...
27 July 2012, by

Curiosity update with Scott Maxwell Would you like to watch Curiosity pile up sand behind its wheels as it struggles up a slope, this video is about as close as you're likely to get, at least until Curiosity...
08 July 2012, by

Cooperative modular satellites

In Modular Space Robotics, modules self-assemble while in orbit to create larger satellites for specific missions. Modular satellites have the potential to reduce mission costs (small satellites are c...
02 January 2012, by



50 years of robotics (Part 2), with Jean-Christophe Zufferey, Dan Kara, Kristinn Thórisson, Andrea Thomaz and Terry Fong

Link to audio file (49:54)Welcome to the second part of our 50th episode special! To celebrate 50 episodes of Robots, we’re doing a review of some of the greatest advances in robotics during the...
07 May 2010, by



Swarming satellites, with Alvar Saenz-Otero

Link to audio file (40:03)In today’s episode we speak with the lead scientist of the SPHERES project, Dr. Alvar Saenz-Otero from MIT, which aims at developing autonomous formation flight and doc...
26 February 2010, by



Planetary exploration, with Julie Townsend and Sebastian Gautsch

Link to audio file (52:59)Take the 5-minute survey to help us improve ROBOTS! Today’s show is a special episode on space robots. We start by speaking with Julie Townsend from the Jet Propulsio...
04 December 2009, by



The race to the moon, with William “Red” Whittaker

Link to audio file (36:33)In this episode, we take-off for the moon with Prof. William “Red” Whittaker who is the director of the Field Robotics Center at Carnegie Mellon University in the...
10 April 2009, by



2008 New Year’s special, with Dan Kara, Terry Fong, Dario Floreano, Steve Rainwater and Minoru Asada

Link to audio file (34:17)For our New Year’s episode, we’ll be giving you an overview of the trends in robotics for 2008 and an insight into next year’s developments with five expert...
02 January 2009, by

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