Precise Navigation using LEO Satellites, with Tyler Reid

Dr. Tyler Reid, CTO of Xona Space Systems, discusses a new approach to global navigation satellite systems designed for self-driving cars.
02 November 2022, by

How do we control robots on the moon?

In the future, we imagine that teams of robots will explore and develop the surface of nearby planets, moons and asteroids - taking samples, building structures, deploying instruments.
25 September 2022, by , and



Unconventional Space Robots, with Stephanie Schneider

Schneider, PhD Candidate at Stanford, explains her work on Reachbot, a long-reach crawling and anchoring robot repurposes extendable booms for mobile manipulation in Outer Space. They discuss the challenges and exciting elements of robotic prototyping for low-gravity or otherwise unique environments.
17 December 2021, by



Exploring Venus with a Clockwork Rover, with Jonathan Sauder

Robohub Podcast · Exploring Venus with a Clockwork Rover In this episode, Lilly interviews Jonathan Sauder, the Principal Investigator of a NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts project to design a ro...
04 November 2020, by



Planetary Drilling, with Kris Zacny

Robohub Podcast · Planetary Drilling In this episode, Lilly Clark interviews Kris Zacny, the Vice President of Exploration Technologies at Honeybee Robotics.  They discuss two focuses of developm...
07 October 2020, by



High Earth Orbit Robotics, with William Crowe

Robohub Podcast · High Earth Orbit Robotics In this episode, Lilly interviews Dr. William Crowe, CEO of High Earth Orbit (HEO) Robotics. The mission of HEO Robotics is to provide high quality imag...
14 July 2020, by




Seeing like a Rover, with Janet Vertessi

Robohub Podcast · Seeing like a Rover In this episode, Audrow Nash speaks with Janet Vertessi, Assistant Professor of Sociology at Princeton, on her book Seeing Like a Rover: How Robots, Teams, ...
28 April 2020, by

NASA spinoffs: Bringing space down to Earth

In a time of “America First,” the benefits of space travel are clouded by the smoke of hyperbole. In reality, there has been over 2,000 inventions courtesy of NASA that are making our lives bette...
24 April 2017, by

Want to build a Moon base? Easy, just print it

Planetary Resources, a company hoping to make asteroid mining into a trillion dollar industry, earlier this year unveiled the world’s first 3D printed object made from bits of an asteroid. 3D pri...
21 April 2017, by

Space for the masses as helium balloons and remote control planes reach through the stratosphere

Space will soon be within the grasp of everyday people, small countries, researchers or start-up companies thanks to a fleet of low-cost launch vehicles under development across Europe. From remote...
21 November 2016, by

Should both the successes and failures of space robots curb the ambition of a manned Mars mission?

Late morning, red skies over Mars, and the first human interloper emerges from her landing craft to review the dusty expanse. As she eases carefully down the ladder towards the alien earth, her mind s...
11 November 2016, by

The future of space rescue – watch the R2t2 event live

Today, the Swiss Robotics Industry Day will play host to the R2t2 rescue mission and we are heading straight for the future!...
02 November 2016, by

Prepping a robot for its journey to Mars

Sarah Hensley is preparing an astronaut named Valkyrie for a mission to Mars. It is 6 feet tall, weighs 300 pounds, and is equipped with an extended chest cavity that makes it look distinctly female. ...
21 October 2016, by

Schiaparelli, are you there? The high risks of space robotics again crash home

In Darmstadt, Germany, European Space Agency (ESA) teams are scrambling to confirm contact with the Entry, Descent and Landing Demonstrator Module (EDM), Schiaparelli—the spectre of Philae still hau...
20 October 2016, by

The four coolest NASA robots

NASA may be known for sending men to the moon, establishing the International Space Station, and planning for a base on Mars—but apart from astronauts, its best-known spokesmen aren’t men at all...
06 October 2016, by

Drone learns to see in zero-gravity

During an experiment performed on board of the International Space Station (ISS) a small drone successfully learned by itself to see distances using only one eye, reported scientists at the 67th Inter...
03 October 2016, by

Livestream: NASA’s final sample return robot competition

After five years of competition by more than 40 different teams from around the globe, NASA’s Sample Return Robot Challenge has reached its final stage. The top seven teams will compete for the $1.3...
31 August 2016, by

NASA Space Robotics Challenge prepares robots for the journey to Mars

The Space Robotics Competition is open for teams to develop and display the abilities of an R5 robot by assisting in the procedures for a NASA mission to Mars, offering a $1 million prize pool for ...
18 August 2016, by

Robohub roundtable: Robotics and space exploration

Every few weeks, Robohub will post a roundtable chat and discuss an engaging topic relating to robotics. In this edition, we looked at how can robotics can be part of space exploration. Privatisation ...
11 May 2016, by

MIT CSAIL’s 6-foot-tall NASA humanoid robot has landed

By Adam Conner-Simons, MIT CSAIL This week MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) received an unusual package: a six-foot-tall, 300-pound humanoid robot that NASA h...
28 April 2016, by

SpaceX nails landing on drone ship

After several unsuccessful attempts, SpaceX finally made a perfect touchdown with its Falcon 9 rocket on the drone ship, aptly named: 'Of Course I Still Love You.'  A historic moment with the help...
11 April 2016, by



Satellite Assembly in Space, with John Lymer

In this episode, Andrew Vaziri speaks with John Lymer, Chief Architect of Robotics and Automation at SSL. They highlight key programs in space robotics from the 1980s through to SSL’s current progra...
19 March 2016, by

‘Moon Shot’ nine-part documentary series available on YouTube

The nine-part documentary web series about the Google Lunar XPRIZE that first launched on Google Play is now available YouTube....
18 March 2016, by

SpaceX delivers 11 satellites and successfully lands a first stage on land

UPDATE: SpaceX successfully completed both the primary mission of setting to orbit 11 ORBCOMM satellites and the secondary mission of landing the first stage of Falcon 9 rocket with pinpoint accuracy ...
21 December 2015, by

Blue Origin successfully tests autonomous suborbital system

Fifteen years after it was founded by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Blue Origin completed a successful test flight of its ‘New Shepard’ suborbital system and emerged from their secretive modus operandi,...
03 May 2015, by

Despite hard landing, Falcon 9 recovery attempt bodes well for future of reusable spacecraft

Several hours ago, ISS astronauts opened the cargo bay of the Dragon spacecraft that was recently berthed to the space station. It was both the 7th successful Dragon mission and the 5th successful I...
14 January 2015, by

Philae: A proof of concept for cometary landing

We asked Alan Winfield what the first successful landing on a comet means for the future of space mining. Find out his answer below. The successful landing of Philae on comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasim...
01 December 2014, by

One giant leap: Rosetta and the space mining frontier

The Rosetta mission’s dramatic rendezvous with comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko captured the attention and imagination of the world earlier this month. It was thrilling to see an ambitious 10-year pr...
24 November 2014, by

Touchdown! Rosetta’s Philae makes first ever landing on a comet

UPDATE: ESA's Rosetta mission has soft-landed its Philae probe on to the surface of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. The signal confirming the successful touchdown arrived on Earth at 16:03 GMT (17:03...
12 November 2014, by

Antares orb-3 accident

A very unfortunate incident for NASA and the commercial orbital transportation services program took place yesterday. The Antares rocket that was about to send the Cygnus spacecraft on the ISS explode...
29 October 2014, by

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