How Industry 4.0 and Pokémon Go met halfway on the road to maximizing the IoT

You may be reloading this page trying to figure out if the title of this blog post got mixed up with something else. No, you read it correctly, I am going to outline similarities between Industry 4.0 ...
18 July 2016, by and

The Robot Afterlife: An exciting story about the post-factory years

Do you ever wonder what happens to those faithful working industrial robots when they retire? Whether they are stored in a closet, used for new manufacturing cells or turned into art, every robot has ...
06 July 2016, by and

Automatica’s exhibitors were trumpeting Industry 4.0. Is this the turning point for robotics?

Industry 4.0 - the fourth industrial revolution - was the main theme at the largest robot and automation fair in the world, Germany's AUTOMATICA, which took place in Munich throughout the last week o...
04 July 2016, by and

Robohub roundtable: Job loss through automation, Foxconn controversy

Every few weeks, Robohub will post a roundtable chat and discuss an engaging topic relating to robotics. In this edition, we looked at the controversial job loss of 60K jobs by Foxconn. Is this substa...
21 June 2016, by

The human brain vs. the digital brain: A case for visual inspections

by Audrey Boucher-Genesse I was once at a conference on image processing and the speaker discussed the perception of color. He spoke about a conversation with a potential client who said, “well,...
16 June 2016, by

Advanced Robotics Manufacturing Institute in planning for USA

The US just moved a step closer to building an advanced robotics institute modeled on the hugely successful Fraunhofer Institutes. The proposed ARM or Advanced Robotics Manufacturing Institute is one...
31 May 2016, by and

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Photos from the Airbus Shopfloor Challenge

Robohub covered the Airbus Shopfloor Challenge that took place during #ICRA16 in Stockholm. Below, you can see an extensive photo gallery as part of our coverage. Check it out!...
25 May 2016, by

I am FRANKA: German collaborative robot can build itself

The robotic industry is currently surfing on a new wave of collaborative robots. With several big companies trying to make their way into the market, there is still a huge effort from emergent compan...

4 reasons why Industry 4.0 will leave AGVs behind

By Paula de Villavicencio Technology has been in development for the last decade and has now come to fruition in the form of self-driving vehicles. These vehicles are driving into industrial cente...
22 April 2016, by

Industrial robot sales for 2015 set a new record

In a flurry of press releases, the International Federation of Robotics (IFR) revealed details of 2015 industrial robot sales of 240,000 units. This set a new sales record and reflected an 8...
18 April 2016, by

Collaborative robots and breaking down evolving risk assessment

During the last 50 years, industrial robots have been increasingly used in manufacturing industries around the world. The technology has been evolving and adapting to the needs of its users. Over the ...
14 April 2016, by and

Smart Digital Factory Lab showcasing Industry 4.0

We often see robotic or automated cells purposed to do a single motion or a very specific application. However, with all the new technology available in the market, it is interesting to see how each s...

Japan’s first 5-axis hybrid 3D printer

In a collaborative research effort, Enomoto Kogyo, Shizuoka University of Art and Culture, and software company C&G Systems have developed Japan’s first 5-axis hybrid 3D printer, capable of ...
04 April 2016, by



Hadrian Bricklaying Robot, with Mark Pivac

Transcript below.In this episode, Ron Vanderkley speaks with Mark Pivoc from FastBrick about Hadrian the bricklaying robot. Fastbrick is an Australian robotics firm aiming to disrupt the local bric...
02 April 2016, by

Stop talking about bringing jobs back from China

Ben Casselman, writing on the website FiveThirtyEight, says that manufacturing jobs are never coming back. He warns candidates to not inflame voters with empty promises and provides facts to prov...
27 March 2016, by

5 innovation challenges in materials transport

by: Meghan Hennessey Walk into any manufacturing facility today. Forklifts and AGVs may be in operation serving specific parts of the manufacturing floor, but you’ll also see hundreds of people a...
18 March 2016, by

Workshop robots controlled by touch

by Fintan Burke The era of robots that can be controlled by designers rather than engineers will enable Europe’s small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to compete more effectively against oft...
29 February 2016, by

SVR Case Studies: Fetch Robotics bringing warehouses to life

Fetch Robotics builds robot systems for the logistics industry. The company was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in San Jose, CA. Unveiled in April 2015, the Fetch Robotics system is comprised of ...
19 February 2016, by and

First look at 2015 statistics on industrial robots from the IFR report

A first look at numbers from the International Federation of Robotics (IFR) report on industrial robots shows that worldwide robot sales grew again in 2015, and were 15% more than 2014. Explosive grow...
13 February 2016, by

Using force feedback in robotics

For many years, industrial robots were not able to monitor their surroundings. With the introduction of different sensors for robots, they are now able to feel what they are handling and see what the...
15 January 2016, by and

3 supply chain trends to watch for in 2016

The New Year is upon us and with that comes predictions of what 2016 has in store. Will Automated Guided Vehicle (AGVs) continue to drive materials on the factory floor? What is ‘Industry 4.0’ and...
08 January 2016, by and

IoT may be 2016’s hot new trend, but in industrial robotics it’s been around for a decade

As everyone starts to look for "the big technology trends of 2016", it seems that one technology is overshadowing all others - the Internet of Things. We take a look at why robotics is actually ahead ...
06 January 2016, by and

The future of robot off-line programming

If you drive a car, it makes little difference what brand it is: all cars are driven in essentially the same way. The same applies to computers. If you have a Windows PC, the user interfaces won’t b...
28 December 2015, by



Construction Drilling, with Konrad Fagertun

Transcript below. In this episode Audrow Nash interviews Konrad Fagertun, Chief Operating Officer of nLink in Norway....
27 December 2015, by

Evaluating what’s easy and what’s hard to automate in your workshop

If you haven’t already introduced a robot into your workshop, or if you are in the process of introducing such a device, you may be wondering … what is the best place to start? What is easy and wh...
17 December 2015, by and

How many axes does my robot need?

Anyone who has been in robotics long enough is eventually tasked with figuring out how many axes they will need for their robot. Most robots have somewhere between three and seven axes, but how d...
09 December 2015, by and

While Amazon doubles its number of warehouse robots to 30K, competing systems emerge

Amazon announced that at the end of September they had 30,000 Kiva robots at work in 13 fulfillment centers, effectively doubling the number of Kiva bots that it had in 2014. "Our intent is to use...
02 November 2015, by

Rethink Robotics finally get their mojo with Sawyer

Rethink Robotics displayed their new single-armed Sawyer robot at the RoboBusiness Conference and Expo in San Jose on Wednesday. It was Sawyer's first public outing and the crowd of over 1,600 was pay...
28 September 2015, by

SMEs need robots that know their limitations and ask for help

Socrates famously said that “the only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing." Yet while we often equate human intelligence with the ability to recognize when help is needed and where to see...
15 September 2015, by

When you need someone from Canada to calibrate your robot in New Zealand

Many researchers think that robot calibration is an issue that has been successfully resolved decades ago, but they are wrong. While the underlying theory is well established, its practical applicatio...
20 August 2015, by

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