April Fools’ Day hijinks with robots

Lots of companies have been promoting hilarious robot news pranks. Here are a few that caught our eye. What are some of your favourites?...
01 April 2016, by

2016 New York City Drone Film Festival winners

The New York City Drone Film Festival's mission is to help progress the art of aerial cinematography using drones. The 2016 festival had a very successful sophomore year. Check out all the NYCDFF win...
11 March 2016, by

SPARKED wins at New York City Drone Film Festival

SPARKED: A Live Interaction Between Humans and Quadcopters won the 2016 New York City Drone Film Festival (NYCDFF) Featuring Drones category. NYCDFF is the world's first event exclusively dedicated ...
07 March 2016, by

Holiday robot videos 2015: Part 4

From Boston Dynamics, Universal Robots, ZenRobotics, and Artiminds. Have a holiday robot video of your own that you’d like to share? Send your submissions to info [at]!...
23 December 2015, by

Holiday robot videos 2015: Part 2

New videos from the Bristol Robotics Lab and KU Leuven. Have a holiday robot video of your own that you’d like to share? Send your submissions to info [at]!...
22 December 2015, by

Holiday robot videos 2015: Part 1

Have a holiday robot video of your own that you’d like to share? Send your submissions to info [at]!...
21 December 2015, by

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Drones for modesty (video)

We've heard of drones for good, and drones for journalism, but this is the cheekiest use of drones we've seen yet. Video by Japanese luxury online retailer Buyma. Enjoy!...
14 December 2015, by

Four classic movie robots that are no longer far fetched

Cinemagoers have long been fascinated by fictional robots, but they're not usually realistic -- until now. Thanks to technological advancements, some of the classic movie robots are now a realistic p...
18 November 2015, by and

Courtship of the drone fireflies: A short movie with flying robots and lights

Drones, lights and nature combine in Drone Courtship, a short movie about a magical encounter between two flying robots set in a forest of centennial trees. A collaboration between Atelier D. Schlae...
08 October 2015, by

Documentary of a cyborg drummer

[focus08] Beautiful short documentary by The Atlantic about amputee drummer Jason Barnes and Georgia Tech professor of music technology Gil Weinberg that explores "how robotics and artificial int...
18 September 2015, by

Creating the voice behind Jibo

Jibo may be a robot, but the last thing the team wants is for Jibo to sound like a robot. In these two video interviews, Jibo's design team talks about how they selected Jibo’s voice, how that ...
02 September 2015, by

Firing up The Machine

Pick a robot from the movies. Go on, I know you have a favourite. There are plenty to choose from, so I’ll give you a moment …...
28 August 2015, by and

Nat Geo’s Robots 3D proves that robots don’t need to be sci-fi to be compelling

Close up, in 3D, what jumps out at you is not just how astonishing today’s humanoid robots are, but also how miraculous the human body they mimic is. National Geographic’s Robots 3D is showing in ...
16 July 2015, by

Spillikin: a robot love story for our age and a unique campaign

Robotics company Engineered Arts has teamed up with Pipeline Theatre for a new play, Spillikin: a love story between a robot and an elderly woman. The collaborators plan to debut their work at this ye...
06 July 2015, by and

The making of sci-fi adventure Robot Overlords

In the low-budget British sci-fi adventure, Robot Overlords, alien automatons rule the streets and ordinary citizens are locked under curfew in their homes. Just by stepping outside, you risk being v...
03 July 2015, by and

The robots in Ex Machina: VFX Q&A with Andrew Whitehurst

Ever since Fritz Lang’s 1927 film Metropolis, the concept of a robot with artificial intelligence has held movie audiences in thrall. Now, as the science fiction dream of AI becomes ever-more plaus...
26 June 2015, by and

Summer robot reading: Fact, fiction and debatable

Ghost Fleet: A Novel of the Next World War, Rise of the Robots; Technology and the Threat of a Jobless Future and Spare Parts: Four Undocumented Teenagers, One Ugly Robot and the Battle for the Ame...
25 June 2015, by

Humans: New Sci-fi drama unsettles, grips and tackles robot relations head on

There are two very good reasons to watch Humans, the new robot-themed drama series that premiered in the UK on Sunday. Firstly, it’s a well-made high-energy thriller with a pacy storyline, focusing...
16 June 2015, by

iPetCompanion lets you play with your pets via telepresence

iPetCompanion have developed telepresence technology that allows you to manipulate toys so you can play with your pets while you're away. The team has installed the system in hospitals and animal sh...
22 May 2015, by

True AI, or clever simulation? Transcendence movie has Johnny Depp crossing the Singularity

I was inspired to write this article after recently watching Transcendence starring Johnny Depp and reading this article “Death is Optional.”  What will the world look like when we cross the sing...
01 May 2015, by

The real soft robots that inspired Baymax, with Chris Atkeson

Baymax, the lovable, inflatable robot star of Disney’s recent hit, Big Hero 6, is far from a movie fantasy. With their soft cushiony bodies, robots like Baymax have very real prospects as future car...
28 April 2015, by

Underwater Dreams: The story of undocumented teens who win underwater robot competition

Underwater Dreams is a documentary that follows a team of undocumented students from an Arizona high school and shows their perseverance and ingenuity to win a NASA- and ONR-sponsored underwater rob...
16 April 2015, by

When is an ice cube not an ice cube?

Japanese advertising agency wins award for Suntory Whisky ad campaign using CNC-milled ice cubes and a 3D printing app from Autodesk....
06 April 2015, by

Ability to self-repair isn’t the same as consciousness: Analyzing Automata from a tech standpoint

I recently had a chance to view Automata and wanted to share my thoughts on the movie based upon the current and future state of robotics and artificial intelligence. As a film, this was a tough one...
04 April 2015, by

Beware April Fool’s Day robot hoaxes!

We had to laugh at some of the robot news spoofs that came out on April Fool's Day yesterday. If you know of any others, please share in the comments below....
02 April 2015, by

Sensor-driven armband used to direct robots

ThalmicLabs' MYO gesture-based armband is making inroads driving robots, moving robot arms and on the arms of a Dutch trance music producer, DJ and radio personality....
21 March 2015, by

Ex Machina: When Turing meets Bechdel test

Alex Garland’s first feature film as a director, Ex Machina, had its US debut at SxSW on March 14. This stylish idea film explores the Turing Test in a very Pinteresque fashion as a young coder fall...
15 March 2015, by

While most robots are either geek or jock, CHAPPiE is a lesson in sexy

Neill Blomkamp's new film CHAPPiE can teach us a lot about how to design robots. That, and how to be sexy. Rolling out in theatres this week....
03 March 2015, by

Keep Calm and Carry Passengers: UK robocar projects level up

The government-baked robocar projects in the UK are going full steam, with this press release from the UK government to accompany the unveiling of the prototype Lutz pod, which should ply the streets...
13 February 2015, by



Looney the Robot, with Hunter Lloyd

In this episode, Audrow Nash speaks with Hunter Lloyd, who is a Professor of Robotics at Montana State University and a comedian. Hunter performs a comedy act for all ages with partner Looney, a NAO ...
23 January 2015, by

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