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A USDA poster released in May warning hobbyists not to fly near wildfires. Credit: USDA

An ongoing campaign in Ukraine aims to crowdfund a drone (pictured) for the Ukrainian military. Credit: People’s Drone, People’s Project.

A flight demonstration at Roma Drone 2015, a drone expo that took place in Rome, Italy on May 30 and 31. Credit: Dan Gettinger

A court in Germany rejected Faisal bin Ali Jaber’s complaint that Berlin is complicit in U.S. drone strikes in Yemen.

The NavSonde drone is built to collect data from volcanos. Credit: Latitude Engineering

A man was arrested for flying a Parrot Bebop drone near the White House. Credit: U.S. Secret Service

FAA Administrator Michael Huerta announcing the Pathfinders Program at AUVSI 2015 in Atlanta. Credit: Dan Gettinger

CyPhy Works raises 230K in first two days of crowdfunding for their new autopilot drone.

Anonymous graffiti artist KATSU used a drone to tag a massive billboard in New York City.

Japanese security members carry a box containing a drone that was landed on the roof of the Prime Minister’s residence in Tokyo.

The X-47B test drone completes its first mid-air refueling.

DroneCast, an advertising company, uses drones to fly banners over events and businesses.

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June 28, 2013

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