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by   -   January 27, 2015

As of December 2014, there are 442 operators approved for 'aerial work' in the UK.

DARPA is working to find a way that a single pilot can control multiple drones in a contested environment. Credit: DARPA

The Drone Center is pleased to mark the 100th edition of our Weekly Roundup of drone news, commentary and analysis, art, and technology. We sent out the first Roundup almost two years ago to a group of Bard students who were taking our first drone studies class, a human rights seminar. Today, the Roundup has thousands of subscribers and is widely recognized as a reliable source of drone-related content. We would like to thank you for your decision to read our Roundup, and we look forward to continuing to keep you in the loop.

by   -   January 20, 2015

Companies are increasingly looking into how to use drones to their advantage.

A video taken with a drone shows the extent of the destruction at Ukraine’s Donetsk Airport.

Christoph Kohstall shows off the Nixi wearable drone at CES 2015.

A photojournalist was arrested in England for flying a drone, but was later released without charge.

A review of last week's drone related news by the Center for the Study of the Drone at Bard College

A kangaroo brought down a drone last week in the latest case of a hobbyist who flew too close to animals.

As the aerial view becomes more accessible, questions persist about how to properly read an aerial image. Revisiting Harun Farocki’s Images of the World and the Inscription of War (1988), Chanterelle Menashe Ribes considers the process of gazing at aerial images, and describes how when we look at a photo we only see what we want to see.

by   -   December 15, 2014


Skysense is a Berlin-based start up designing and manufacturing a range of products to enable the remote operation of drones. Their first two products are the Skysense Charging pad and Skysense Hangar. 

Your weekly roundup of drone news: In 2007, Addie Wagenknecht started using drones to make abstract paintings. Her works both challenge and celebrate the aerial robot and its power. In an in-depth conversation with Arthur Holland Michel, Wagenknecht explains how to make a drone painting, and what she thinks it means to make art by drone.

by   -   September 25, 2014


The impact on businesses of the ongoing US ban on commercial UAV operation can be seen in a snapshot of this week’s drone news. Drones are very affordable these days, and there is nothing to stop anyone purchasing a drone and deploying it for fun. But you can’t use drones in anyway for ‘commercial purposes’ in the US. That means for example, that journalists publishing drone footage are actually in breach of FAA ruling. Until recently, individuals could largely still ‘get away with it’, but a rising awareness is seeing other organizations implement bans, shutdowns or recommendations on drone use.

by   -   July 31, 2014

As drones become more ubiquitous, their safety systems are becoming increasingly important. One company that understands this issue, and is which is making constant progress in UAV safety systems, is DJI Innovations.

by   -   June 30, 2014

It turns out that South African soil is fertile ground for UAV enthusiasm and businesses.